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Let's all calm down a little

To The Eagle:

Once again, we have certain people wanting to blame an inanimate object, and not place the blame where it truly belongs. What’s more is that it seems to mostly be coming from the same people who support our current Commanding Blamer in Chief.

“Guns have become a scourge on our society.” Really? In my humble opinion, I would simply argue that certain human beings have become the scourge of society, and maybe enforcing the current laws on the books, getting these people the help they need, and/or the punishment they deserve, is at least, part of the answer. It’s not comparing apples and oranges when speaking in the context that guns, cars, drugs…none of these things can cause harm to us until and/or unless one of us comes into contact with it.

Evil and evil people are always going to exist, unfortunately, unless you happen to believe in Jesus Christ or another higher power’s return and/or help of some kind. People have a God given right and duty to protect themselves, their loved ones, and the innocents in harm’s way. So let’s all try to calm down a little, think this through rationally and logically when we get there, and try to put the blame where it truly belongs, and work together to find real solutions.

Toni Below



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