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SUMMER IS COMING--While we begin this work week with some filtered sunshine through the morning cloudiness, we are being told by forecasters that a dry and warm stretch with lots of sunshine is coming our way this first week of summer, so that will be totally awesome! After another stretch of rain had come in last week, I’m thinking the 80 degree temperatures will be most welcomed. I’m more of a 70 degree kind of person myself, so when those high 80s show up, I’m not much of a fan, but for the hay harvesters and the gardeners, and beach lovers, it will definitely be welcomed.

CAUTION NEEDED--No one should have to be reminded about leaving their children or their pets in a hot car, yet, every single year, there are multiple deaths because of people doing just that. So, once again, please be watchful for any sign of pets or children that someone may be putting in danger by leaving them in a hot vehicle unattended.

Don’t forget, we all need extra water too, and that goes for your cows and horses and other animals you may be responsible for, as they are dependent on people for their care, so we need to make sure they are well taken care of and not left to suffer from neglect.

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from June 23-29 are Mary Baldwin, Lance Britt, Don Speranza, Cliff Garrison, Joel Moore, Larry Horman, Scott Thomlinson, James Anderson, Nicci Bergseng, Natalie Thomas, Carol Ross, Candice Thomason, Judy Marsyla, Manuel Dault, Kris Bergseng, Clara Olson, Natalie Vossen, Austin Luthi, Bruce Dachtler, Trinity Thompson, Jonathan Hauff, Kathi West, McKenna Spieth MacIntosh and Katie Nollan Sechler. Here’s hoping those birthday celebrations are spectacular this year!

Those celebrating anniversaries this week are Randy and Susan Kuhn, the Dave Whitneys, the Larry Hendricksons, the Fred Johnsons, Dean and Judy Snyder, Dan and Barb Lloyd, Dave and Sandra Gibson and Mark and Rhonda Pedersen. May you all have wonderful anniversary celebrations this year!

SEE THEM?--It may have been a bit cloudy but the wind was certainly up, so those that showed up with their fancy kites at Skamokawa Vista Park this past weekend were definitely able to get them in the air. It used to be that a true “kite festival” took place around mid-June, complete with lots of vendors and such, but once Covid hit, well, that just wasn’t going to happen. It was nice that some folks came out this year to fly them once again, but beings I wasn’t told about it, and its very weather dependent, well, we just had no idea whether to mention the “possibility” that they would come or not. Anyway, here’s hoping next year that we will be free of all worries regarding Covid and some actual set plans can be made concerning a true kite festival!

AUGUST EVENT HAPPENING?--Just a little heads up, as the Hoby Kats, a group of racing catamarans, used to always come to Vista Park in the middle of August, and well, that’s another thing that seems to be up in the air at the moment. However, if you’d like to check with the park a little later on about their upcoming events, you can give them a call, 360-795-8605.

SPRING LITTERS--As usually happens this time of year, there are litters of kittens and puppies and all those other kinds of “new kids" as well, like the goats and those new calves and such. With the first two, it’s very evident that there are more and more of these going up for adoption, and the shelters are full to the brim with them, so it’s really important to try and stop this “abundance” cycle that leads to folks dumping their cats out in the woods or along roadways and neighborhoods for others to deal with. So, who can help? Why it’s our very own “Wahkiakum Animal Advocates Group” or WAAG! If you need assistance getting your animals fixed, or any other need, then according to their Facebook page, you can give them a call at 360-504-6336. They are currently offering a great discount to pet owners so if you contact them now, you can find out all about it as there are restrictions. They will have a booth at the Bald Eagle Day festivities on July 16, so you can talk to them directly that day if you’d like. The sooner you call, the sooner arrangements can be made so you don’t have any more unwanted litters.

Lots of unwanted cats in your area? Remember, they also have a Feral Cats program with a “trap, neuter and return team.” They will come and get them and have them fixed so they don’t continue to breed. This helps everybody. Call today!

FRIDAY MARKET--Don’t forget to head to the Elochoman Slough Marina in Cathlamet for their Farmer’s Market and Trunk Sale, every Friday from 3 to 6. More vendors are always welcome!

PIGYS THIS FRIDAY-SUNDAY--Ah yes, the long awaited Puget Island Garage and Yard Sale is this weekend. The sale begins on Friday and goes through Sunday and of course, many folks have huge bargain days on Sunday. At any rate, I hope you were able to get signed up and on the list and that everyone has a good turn out, as it looks like you’re going to get great weather for it!

NORSE HALL--If you’d like to take a load off your feet and get refueled while you’re out shopping around the Island, be sure to stop by the Norse Hall on SR 409 and take in their pulled pork lunch sale Friday & Saturday. It’s right in the middle of the Island, so it’s very handy! Those sandwiches are always really good and will give you that extra “oomph” you’ll need in order to shop the other half of the Island! Enjoy! Don’t forget, all homeowners ask that you please don’t block their mailboxes!

JULY 16--Spread the word to all your friends, the one and only “Bald Eagle Day” parade and all its festivities will take place on July 16. Spread the word on this event, as we don’t want to hear folks say “I wish I’d known or I would have been there” so talk it up! This goes for the happenings at the brewery and bingo at the Norse Hall in the evening, not to mention all those class reunions taking place here and there, so here’s to a great day, a fun evening of fireworks and just a real fun time.

Remember the day starts with the “First Inaugural Terry Bonny Fun Run and Walk” at 8 a.m., so if you’d like to take part in that, head to the high school where you can get registered starting at 7 a.m. You will begin at the track and head to the Island and then back to the finish line on Main Street in front of Maria’s. You can also get registration forms at Scribbles and the Wahkiakum Chamber of Commerce as I know you’re going to want that T-shirt, so sign up early!

GOLF--On Sunday, the day after the BED events, the family of Ralph Rodahl held a golf tournament, or “18 holes- 4 person scramble” in his honor. However, the event has now been renamed the “Rodahl Memorial Scramble” so as to also honor Juanita Rodahl and Randy Rodahl who have recently passed away. Next year, there will be some other scrambles named in their honor. If you’d like to get signed up, you need to stop by the clubhouse at the Skyline Golf Course or call 360-849-9320 ASAP as there is a 10 team limit so don’t delay, call right away.

FIREWORKS SALES--The Wahkiakum Lions Club will hold their usual Fireworks Sale, unless of course, there’s some catastrophe that prevents it, like fire danger and no sales allowed. But at this moment, plans are being made for this sale to take place June 28 (beginning at noon) through July 4. They usually have their booth set up to the east of the “BackRoadZ” fast food place at 245 East SR-4, or just east of the Dollar General Store.

NOT QUIET--As we all know, the Fourth of July is coming soon, and this time of year is not quiet at all, so now is the time to get those pets some “chill pills” or get them accustomed to loud noises.

Actually, a lot of folks are already complaining about the “noises” in the country, and well, if you moved to the country thinking it was a nice quiet place to live, I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but it’s not. From logging and log trucks, to firewood makers with their chain saws, to contractors, to boaters, to hunters, to farm animals and those who just enjoy taking part in target practice, it can be extremely noisy in the country. If you just moved here, welcome to the country; just don’t expect it to be quiet!


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