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HOT ONE--After complaining about all the dreary wet days, we’ve finally got some hot ones, and we’re complaining a bit about those too, as it’s just too hot! Well, at least for a lot of us, as when you’re in the upper 90s, that’s just a bit much for me. While I had a high of 99 here, the Tom Webbs had a reading of 102 at their house!

I really feel bad for all the animals that have no shade available to them in order to escape from these high temps and blazing sun. It should go without saying that nobody should be leaving a child or a pet in their car during this heatwave. If you see someone doing that, report them immediately. By the time you read this, we are supposed to have cooled down with even a possibility of some showers one day and then even more by Sunday, so at least this heat wave won’t last too long; whew!

BAD TIMING--We’ve had another phone outage, so on the good side, many of us have had a very quiet weekend, free of all of those scammer calls. On the flip side, many folks wanting to contact us are quite perplexed as to the constant busy signal they are getting while we listen to nothing but static when we pick up the phone. The worst part is paying for a service that we can’t use and may really need, as cell phones don’t always work out here in the sticks, so it’s not only inconvenient but we’re not getting what we paid for either! Here’s hoping things get cleared up soon and all those trying to contact me will have better luck soon.

OUT OF WHACK--Not only was the phone not working, but neither was my body, as I wound up with my back giving out on me and any outside work or traveling around or shopping at the yard sales was out of the question. I’m hoping for a better week ahead!

To all those who are feeling lousy, dealing with aches and pains, or recovering from surgeries and such, I want to wish you speedy recoveries and better days ahead. You know who you are! There are several folks who wish not to be named but could certainly use your good thoughts and prayers.

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays June 30-July 6 are Matt Helms III, George Exum, Tanya Cleveland, Cooper Steevens, Heidi Boehler, Mariah Mogush, Hope Neilsen, Elisas Cochran, Danny Poe, Sandie York, Chris Wika, Jordan Nicolazzi, Justin Norris, Dave Hjaltalin, Debbie Kuller, Philomena Thomas, Dale Jacobson, Blaze Taylor, Tim Pedersen and Nathan Chamberlain.

Those celebrating anniversaries are Mr. and Mrs. Bob Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. John Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Wesner, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Seaberg, Mr. and Mrs. Hap Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Florek Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Gary Emery, Mr and Mrs. Paul Ehrensberger and Pete and Katie Sechler. May all your birthday and anniversary celebrations be fantastic!

CORRECTIONS AND ADDITIONS--As I check out the birthday calendar that the Wahkiakum Lions Club puts out every year, I noticed that there are quite a few names that are either missing or others that should probably be removed. Folks get married for the first time and some get divorced and some get remarried and some have new babies, etc., so if you aren’t on there or are on there incorrectly, please be sure to contact a WLC member and get that straightened out. It won’t be long and they’ll be setting up lists for their new calendar, so the earlier you contact them the better. Renee Robert can help out with that, so contact her at 360-849-4003. These calendars make great Christmas gifts for your loved ones and they also help out a great group that does a lot for our community.

NEW ADDITION--LuAnn Davison recently shared some great news as she became a grandma again, as Ryan and Hannah Shank welcomed their new little one on June 17. The dark haired darling was named Palmer and came into this world weighing seven pounds and 14 ounces and was 20 and 1/4 inch long. Congratulations to the parents and the grandparents! Now I’ve got another name to add to the birthday list, as well as another cousin to add to my list of family members. LuAnn is the daughter of the late, Walter (Wally) Pedersen.

PIGYS--From what I heard, the big sale that took place this past weekend on Puget Island was a big success.Some folks even sold out early and had to close before the last day according to Sherrill Bollen, of the Puget Island Fire Department Auxiliary group. They made several thousand dollars and will definitely be able to not only help their fire department, but to also give back to the community, like during the “National Night Out” event, so that’s really terrific. Auxiliary coordinators for this event were Sherrill and Liz Buetler. Great job, ladies! Naturally, they are saying a big thank you to those who donated and those who purchased things.

BIG HOLIDAY WEEKEND--The Fourth of July lands on a Monday, so don’t forget that all government and county offices will be closed that day. Unfortunately, the current forecast calls for a 40 percent chance of rain, so while it may be a little damp, it may also not be that bad at all. One never knows from mile to mile around here. Having it be a little cooler may keep our fire danger down so that would be good as there always seems to be somebody causing a fire due to their poor choices with their fireworks.

Speaking of fireworks, you can help support the Wahkiakum Lions Club by purchasing them locally near the BackRoadZ fast food place on SR 4, next to the Dollar General Store. They began selling them on June 28 and will do so until July 4, unless they run out early. I hope people will be extra careful, as nobody wants to hear about severe injuries or loss of property or timberlands due to negligence. Here’s to a fun and yet safe holiday!

FOLLOWING WEEKEND--On July 9, the Wahkiakum County fairgrounds will be the place to be as their monthly Flea Market will take place from 9 to 3 once again. If you’d like to rent a table, call 360-795-3480 and leave a message for Patty. Tables are $10. We really want to keep our fair going as it’s been a staple here for over a hundred years, so please help support it any way possible. If you don’t want to sell things or buy things, they would certainly welcome any and all cash donations to help keep the current projects going as well as future ones. Make sure to spread the word that the county fair will take place August 18-20. There are special days for kids and seniors and military folks too, so be sure to check those out when the fair books come out. In the meantime, we hope you’re thinking of putting something in the fair; it’s an easy way to earn a few bucks!

FOS--While you’re down here shopping at the fairgrounds, be sure to stop at Redmen Hall and check out their new display as the Friends of Skamokawa have put this “Grand Ol’ Flag Exhibit” up in the Interpretive Center in the historic building on the corner of SR 4 and East Valley Road; milepost 29; you can’t miss it! For more information contact them at 360-795-3007. If you’d like to support the FOS, you can send donations to P.O. Box 67, Skamokawa, WA 98647.

GETTING VERY CLOSE--It will be time for our Bald Eagle Day festivities before we know it! I hope your group/organization has come up with a float for the parade or a booth on the street; the more the merrier! You’ll need to contact the Chamber of Commerce if you’d like to join in or even if you’d just like to help out. Call 360-795-9996.

MUSEUM--As always, there is a need for volunteers to help out at the Wahkiakum County Museum in Cathlamet and if you’re so inclined to learn how to take over for a day or two, they’d love to see you. They are open on the weekends. If you’d like to donate to the museum, you can send a donation to 65 River Street, Cathlamet, WA 98612. It’s just a thought, but maybe instead of giving someone “one more thing” this Christmas, you might want to make a donation in their name to the museum. It’s a win, win situation for them and our county museum, who needs to make sure our historical records and donated items are always here to enjoy and share with others. Linda Wright can be contacted if you’d like to help out, 360-795-8765.

Happy Fourth of July weekend, everybody!


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