"Under God" was camel's nose under the tent


To The Eagle:

Some of us may remember when the Pledge of Allegiance was spared the ignoble Under God. It was slipped in during the time when Ike was president. It seemed innocuous at the time but time has shown it was the camel's nose under the edge of the tent of separation of church and state. Followed a few years later by In God We Trust on our currency. Now it seems that anyone that wants to be even considered for political office needs to approach the voters on knees bent in prayer. Just last week the supreme court decided that it was just fine for a public school coach to ‘pray' on the football field. This same court during the same week managed to take autonomy away from women. The justices who voted against women had all lied under oath to get onto the court. So much for the oath! Apparently it is meaningless when it goes against what one wants to happen.

This brings me to the description in our paper last week describing how to take democracy away from we the people and turn it into an autocracy. First thing Trump did after his inauguration was to lie about the crowd size and it was ‘justified' by alternate facts. Followed by demonization of the free press. For those of us concerned about our future, the rest of the article lists step by step the unwinding of our democracy and the apparent play list of the next four years of the Trump administration. Like all presidents before him and the one after, all had sworn on oath to uphold the constitution. Again, so much for the oath.

The bombshell dropped last week by the young woman might not be enough to convict Trump of a crime but it should be enough to keep him off the ballot forever.

James Roberts



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