New manager reports on marina improvements


Diana Zimmerman

As someone who grew up here, new Wahkiakum County Port 1 Manager Todd Souvenir knew what the marina meant to local people. He has been delighted to learn over the past four years that the tourists who repeatedly visit the marina have come to love the community as well.

The Wahkiakum County Port District 1 Board of Commissioners met briefly on Thursday to hear about the recently completed sewer project, approve a bid to replace the fuel dock hose reels, and make Todd Souvenir's promotion to port manager official.

Mayor David Olson thanked the port for the use of one of their boats to move the city dock to its current location.

"We don't have a gangway yet, but it's coming," he said. "Thank you very much, it is truly appreciated and a long time coming."

Commissioners approved a resolution making Todd Souvenir the port manager. Souvenir was the maintenance manager for the port for the last four years.

Souvenir said that Bill Kostich of the Cathlamet Yacht club built and donated bat houses to the marina in order to prevent damage to sailboats. At least two of the houses will be placed near F Dock where most of the sailboats are moored.

"[Bats] make their home inside their sails," Souvenir said.

Souvenir said that the fuel dock hose reels needed to be replaced. Anderson Electric's bid was $5,000 for steel hose reels and another $1,800 to replace them with stainless steel.

"They definitely need to be upgraded," Commissioner Brett Deaton said. He recommended the port go with stainless because of the weather and the water.

New Commissioner James Sorensen agreed. "I'd spend a little more money to have something last longer. I'm all for it," he said.

Deaton mentioned the newly improved sewer system at the port. He was certain it was going to work, he said, but he was curious last Thursday about how it would weather the big Bald Eagle Days event.

"Just a big thanks to the town and to David [McNally] and his crew for everything they did to help with that," Souvenir said. "The Department of Ecology, it definitely made things a little easier with them, knowing that we had the company that manages our city sewer system helping with the project. Along with Les Burns, there were a few times that the equipment we had wouldn't quite lift something up, and he stepped in and helped us out.

"But overall that project went really well. Everything seems to be working. We've been checking it daily and it looks like everything is a go. I know right now the city is doing the final phases of the road, putting in the patch work, so it's paved."

The restrooms are open at County Line Park now, and a project to replace a portion of the pathway should be completed the week of July 25.

Souvenir said that the new kayak rental station was seeing use.

"[The owners] have been happy with the location, and they've had a few people test them out," Souvenir said. "The system is really user friendly and easy, and when they open up their locker it gives them a map of areas they can travel. We'll see how it goes throughout the summer."


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