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WORD OF THE WEEK; HOT!--It seems summer is upon us as we are seeing all these toasty temperatures this week, which was really not enjoyable for somebody like me who doesn't like the heat, but I know others do, so I hope you enjoyed it. However, I heard some of you got a bit sunburned, so I do feel bad for you and hopefully you're feeling better by now.

I understand that the weekend temps are going to be in the mid to upper 70s so while it's still going to be plenty warm out there, at least it beats those high 80s and 90s. If you're having to work in this heat, please stay hydrated and stay safe, everybody. Don't forget your four legged buddies as they need extra fluids as well, so while it's great to get some sun, it can indeed be dangerous. I truly hope this can be an uneventful week for our ambulance and fire crews; fingers crossed!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from July 28-Aug. 3 are Natasha Stratton, Aaron Mahitka, Kyler McKinley, Adam Fletcher, Ebby Blouin, Chris Sauer, Mike Anderson, Levi Helms, Tyler Burdick, Jackie Lea, Heather Kehrli, Nichole Most, David Black, Brantley Elliott, Colt Moonen, Betty Huber, Jennifer Norris, Zak Everman, Tabitha Anderson, Robert Meyer Jr., Kamie Helms, Tyler Robbins, Shirley Ward Miklas, Sandi Hendrickson, Steve Havens, Sheran Parker, Jeff Lundborg, Jenny Cochran, Paula Olson, Hannah Davison Shank and three 67'ers: L.L., Nancy Jacobson Brady and yours truly, Kay Chamberlain. Here's to wonderful birthday celebrations for all of us this coming week!

Those celebrating their anniversaries this coming week are Tim and Sharon Schmitz, Mr. and Mrs. Luke Thomason, Mr. and Mrs. Ian Rutledge, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Cothren, Mr. and Mrs. Greg Kandoll and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Chamberlain. Here's to many more years of celebrating our togetherness!

NEW VIEW--If you haven't been to Skamokawa recently, you won't have seen the wonderful "Bigfoot Family" that is now in front of the Skamokawa Resort; it's awesome! We've got double-sided signs that not only advise you on what's inside our wonderful store here in Skamokawa, but they are works of art! So, if you want to see some unique signs, come check them out for yourself and choose from a wide array of Bigfoot items that would make great Christmas gifts!

AT THE GRANGE--Do you want to meet your neighbors over some coffee and biscuits and gravy on Thursday mornings? Well, head to the Skamokawa Grange Hall at 18 Fairgrounds Road from 10 to 12 and enjoy a bite to eat and gab a spell. There are other things going on there as well, like food box giveaways at times and also a chance to get a massage, so check it all out on Thursdays here in Skamokawa!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ASAP--If you're looking for some way to get involved in our upcoming county fair, Martie Vavoudis has just the job for you! Prior to the fair even opening, there are a ton of things that need to get done so from Aug. 15-17, volunteers are needed in the T-Building to help set up and get things checked in, etc. She's hoping you can help; it's really urgent! Contact Martie at and let her know. The fair is Aug. 18-20 so please contact her right away and let her know you'd be willing to lend her a hand!

FAIR TIME--As seen by the great turn out for Bald Eagle Days, it not only takes great organizers to put on a great event, but people's involvement to make it all happen. I hope you've geared yourself up to join all the fair activities and make this three day event a success as well. There will be lots of live music, which is being sponsored by the Duck Inn and you'll be able to enjoy the music and the beer garden for all three days. The Nash Brothers have a great country rock sound and should be perfect for the fair. They join six other groups that will be entertaining, so it should be a fun time. Buy those fair passes and raffle tickets now!

REDMEN HALL--If you haven't checked out the Grand Ole Flag exhibit at the historic Central School/Redmen hall, now's the time to go. While this exhibit will be on display in the River Life Interpretive Center until August 28, we all know that fair time and back to school time will see many being overwhelmed with things to do, so while it's relatively quiet at the moment, why not head to the hall and check it out. There is also a nice gift and book shop on the lower level which is easily accessible from the upper parking lot. For more info, you can check out their website or call 360-795-3007.

VISTA PARK--There are many new folks to the area that might not have heard of Skamokawa Vista Park, and I want to be sure and let them know that just west of MP marker 29 and our Skamokawa Store and Redmen Hall, is a gorgeous park and wonderful beach area for them to enjoy. There is a basketball court and a tennis court, and there's also a kids' play area and hiking trails, so if you haven't been down here yet to check it all out, you ought to make the drive this way and see what's all in this gem along the mighty Columbia River, right here in Skamokawa!

FRIDAY MARKET--It's never too late to join the other vendors at the Elochoman Slough Marina, so if you'd like to take part in that event every Friday from 3 to 6, just give Deb Holland a call and she'll get you set up. Her number is 360-849-9401. With time flying by, there's no time like the present to go and do a little Christmas shopping as there are some beautiful bowls handmade by our Skamokawa native, Pat Conrad and former neighbor, Sharyl Iblings has some unique and very pretty macramé things and of course, there are soaps, candles, food items, plants and more, so go and check that all out and support your local artisans!

SENIOR LUNCHES--Just a reminder to all senior citizens that thanks to the CAP program, there are Senior lunches being served at the Hope Center in Cathlamet near the grade school, 3rd and Maple, former church building. This takes place every Thursday at noon. There is a suggested donation of $4 but it's not necessary if you can't afford it. Beings they like to have a count of how many are going to be there, it's best if you call Denise at 360-762-3111 and you can find out all the other details of this weekly luncheon at that time as well.

COMING IN TWO WEEKS--I'm not sure how many places one can be at once but on Aug. 13, there is a lot going on, so we hope you'll be able to hit a couple of them up at least. August 13 will be the date of the Wooden Boat Festival at the Marina, and just right next door at the Brewery, there will be a Funky Car Show, so that should be fun. This should be the evening that bingo takes place on Puget Island at the Norse Hall, at 6 p.m., but presently, my phones seem to be on the blink and I cannot contact anyone to verify that this will happen. Please contact Jan Silvestri in order to double check on this at 360-431-1705.

OUT OF THE PAST--This week back in 1952, it was mostly hot; very hot, with the surrounding areas seeing triple digits! It got so hot and dry that all logging operations came to a halt. On one of the nicer, cooler days towards the end of July, the Peek family held a nice little birthday party for Kay Pedersen, who they were taking care of while her folks were in Alaska. Pictures show a blond haired little three year old being led around on a cute little brown and white pony by Roger Peek. A few days later, the Everests picked their granddaughter up and they all went to the park later on in the evening where a nice breeze had shown up and they all enjoyed a nice duck dinner together.

It was a real crazy time in Skamokawa that first part of August, when a semi-trailer, loaded with hay, found their entire load dumped off the Skamokawa Creek bridge when the decking and supports collapsed and down it went. Luckily, the truck part of the semi was hung up and dangling from the west end of the bridge still, so the McNally Brothers were able to hook onto it and keep it from falling completely into the creek. It was quite exciting for everyone that Friday afternoon, but they were all quite happy to have the truck removed by the next afternoon and the driver was none the worse for all the excitement he went through!

All this according to my Grandma Elsie Everest's diary.


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