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Group thanks staff at public swimming pool

To The Eagle:

As summer draws to a close, we want to publicly thank the amazing staff at the Julia Butler Hansen Swimming Pool. The youngest generation of Neilson children had the great fortune to practice ice cream scoop arms, beaver dives, frog kicks and starfish floats under the skilled and watchful eyes of the Cathlamet swim coaches and lifeguards. The kids adored their joyful and kind approach while the grown-ups appreciated the life-saving water skills they imparted.

We watched from the same bleachers where Dave and Laverne once cheered on their grandkids. Now the next generation of grandparents, great aunties, great uncles, aunties and cousins continue the tradition. We are all so grateful to each and every one of you that worked at the pool this summer—what an amazing resource you are for the community. We will see you again next year!

With thanks,

Jennifer Neilson


and 10 others

Alba, Ing-Marie, Anvesh, Soren , Rachel, Amanda, Dennis, Rebecca, Jennifer and Sandra

Puget Island, India, Seattle, Tucson, Portland, Ventura


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