Only love of people can protect the innocent


September 29, 2022

To The Eagle:

I am not interested in opinions, mine or other people’s. I am more interested in truth and facts. I have found in living 78 years that truth is not always easy to accept and harder to live.

Seems to me there are two power sources of information and truth. The positive or negative which seems to govern lives either toward good or evil. I have spent way too much of my life in the negative, even after I read what Jesus taught about truth. He heard the voice of His Father God and taught us truth. Or we can turn toward deceptions which most often leaves us fighting and demanding others to embrace and stand for our truths. This can be very dangerous if we appoint ourselves judge and jury. Jesus had it right when He told us not to judge, to look at the tree and to look at the fruit. If the tree is good the fruit is good. Must be careful and loving, not to judge the whole forest. The God who made the eyes and ears sees all, hears all.

After talking to Holly McKeen I thought back over the way too many years that injustice has been done in the name of justice. Of the price it’s cost me and my family and other families to stand for truth. When I looked into her eyes and asked her why she wanted to be the prosecutor, her answer gave me hope. I believe she will treat all with respect, uphold the oath she has taken and leave her personal opinions aside to follow the laws that don’t judge people guilty before proven guilty. Only love for people can protect the innocent.

I’ll be gone soon, my voice heard no longer, my love and hope for true justice for those not old enough to vote.

Holly has my respect, my vote and my love.

Trena Ashe



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