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September 29, 2022

Karen Bertroch

Diane Hollenbeck, right, received an award from Pearl Blackburn for outstanding service to senior citizens at last week's Senior Lunch at Rosburg Hall.

Greetings, dear readers: I know it sounds strange, but I have discovered the world's greatest mouse trap. A neighbor suggested I try it since I have tried almost every type of mouse trap, as Trudy Fredrickson will attest, and finally I've found it. It's called the "Intruder," and it is so simple. Available on Amazon, it is simple, clean, and gives them a gentle "passing on." The first time I used it, I put out four and within only a few hours, I had trapped three. This morning I trapped two. The trap can be used over and over. My neighbor says he's used his for 10 years and they're still working fine. Some of you may have already discovered this gem, but for others this might be the best news of the week!

Photo of the week: Recently, we were all happy to see Diane Hollenbeck, a tremendous asset to the west end of the county, receive an award as Caregiver of the Year. Over the covid shut down, she made sure meals were available for seniors in whatever manner worked for them. She delivered meals, worked with the West End Food Pantry, and delivered meals and produce to seniors' homes and at Senior Lunches. She is quietly seen everywhere it seems. She helped all of us make it through the shut down periods and still helps us today. Congratulations, Diane.

Appelo Archives events: This Saturday, October 1 at 1 p.m., the Appelo Archives will hold their annual Loggers Reunion. There's so much going on, it might as well be a county fair! I remember the first one that honored my dear friend, Howard Nelson. Years ago, he and I used to go to breakfast on Sundays at the Grays River Café. His wife, Arlene, didn't like to go out for breakfast, so Howard and I showed up on Sundays and just about every week, one of Howard's logger/truck driver friends would come in the door and say, "How you doin', Hammer Down?" That's what Howard was called on the CB. Sometimes someone would sit with us and tell stories of the woods and log truck driving. It was an education for me. We went for the food, but the company was always great. How blessed I was to have those weekly lessons in logging, driving and safety. In his early working years, Howard and his brother partnered up for cutting trees and driving dump trucks around Roseburg, Ore. He was a top safety driver, even though as he moved on from logging to driving, he drove long hours from Vancouver to Cathlamet. He and Arlene married in 1965, so the long drives didn't work well for the family. They moved to Deep River and rented the house that was in Thelma Miller's family where Bob Miller still lives. Later they moved to the house in Grays River and he began driving log trucks. He would sometimes park a loaded log truck at the bottom of the driveway hill that went up to Bob and Angie Torppa's house where Arlene lives now. As I remember the story, there was a big maple tree at the bottom of the hill near his parking spot. It bothered him so much that one day he just cut it down and Arlene wasn't very happy about it! Arlene had four kids when they married and Howard loved them all as his own. Oh, how he loved his grandkids and great grandkids. One year, I thought I'd give him a birthday party at the Archives and invite all his logging friends. It was a big crowd with loggers, and truck drivers, who came from far and wide. It was such fun. I remember Jerry DeBriae sitting on the speeder with Martin Nygaard sharing their stories and laughing with each other. As Howard would say, it was "fantastic." I miss him every day. He was like a father to me and I am so grateful to have had him as family for many years.

This year's reunion will have Carl Wirkkala for live music, a beer garden with barbecue and of course, a logging display and a wood carver. Howard would love that! His birthday party has grown to be quite an event. Please come to Naselle on Saturday and enjoy being with friends.

The second event will be the annual Banquet and Auction on November 12 at Rosburg Hall. We missed having these events during covid, so it's exciting to have them back. If you have something to donate for the auction, call the Archives Center at (360) 484-7103 or 7101 in the deli. And let them know you'll be attending so you'll get your tickets in advance.

Deep River Church: Thanks to Eva Malerich and Krist Novoselic for sponsoring and supporting the work of the restoration project at the Deep River Church. Eva promised her sister she would make sure the church was taken care of and Eva has done it well. Krist's brother and nephew are working on the church and Eva is doing some fundraising to help with the costs. If you'd like to contribute, send your gift to Eva Malerich at 341 W. Deep River Road, Naselle, WA 98628. The church is a beloved part of our area and we're so glad to be getting her back to her original beauty.

Calendar of Events:

October 1: 4-H Covered Bridge Dinner at 4:30 - Tickets are all gone. Bridge will be closed.

October 1: Loggers Reunion at Appelo Archives Center at 1 p.m.

October 2: Finnish American Folk Festival meetings: Community Center at 2 and FAFF at 3.

October 5: Wednesday Senior Lunch at Rosburg Hall at noon.

October 29: Rosburg Christmas Bazaar at Rosburg Hall.

November 12: Holiday Bazaar at Naselle Lutheran (Saturday) from 10-2.

November 12: Appelo Archives annual Harvest Dinner and Auction at Rosburg Hall.

Senior Lunches: CAP/Thursday Senior Lunches are now located inside Rosburg Hall at noon.

Wednesday Senior Lunches will be on October 5 and 19 at Rosburg Hall at noon.

Word for the week: Colors


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