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Loggers reunion will be Saturday in Naselle

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NICE BEGINNING--As this work week begins, it's a very pleasant 75 degrees in West Valley, so this Fall weather isn't too bad, but by the time you read this, you may have experienced some raindrops, or are just doing so if you get this on Thursday. With ever changing weather models, we never know exactly who will see the "wet stuff" but I'm actually hoping for a bit of it so that all our springs and plants get a bit of a drink! As we end yet another month, I'd say we've had a pretty pleasant September and it goes without saying that time is indeed flying by!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from Sept. 29-Oct. 5 are Stewart Moonen, Deb Gribskov, Cheryl Backman, Blake Anderson, Lyric Rose, Pete Ringen, Patti Bergseng, Mary Wingate, Caitlin Heiner, Kevin Weaver, Ava Marie Zurich-Doran, Miles Nielson, Kennedi LaBerge, Sara Jester, Arlene Sauer, Mathew Elfers, Becky Larsen, Ginger Schmitz, Tony Silva, Kristina Heiner, Allen LaBerge, Kylee Montgomery, Zoe Doiron, Kari Martin, Richard Robinson, Lisa Nortrup, Becky Keithley, Sandra Gibson, Marissa Apperson, Robert Blain, Karen Healy and Jesse Ellison.

Those celebrating anniversaries this coming week are Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bardsley, Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Gorley, Mr. and Mrs. Scott McClain, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry DeBriae Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schubert and Mr. and Mrs. Max Scudder. Here's wishing all of you with special days this coming week, a very wonderful celebration!

REMEMBER-BRIDGE DINNER--If you were one of the lucky (smart) ones to order your tickets very early for the Covered Bridge Dinner, then I guess we all know that you'll be heading to Grays River this Saturday evening! This also means those who usually use the bridge to get from here to there will have to reroute around that area, so don't forget to add a few minutes to your schedule that day. Beings the weather looks to be just perfect, if not even a bit warm during the day, don't forget that temperatures can drop off quite quickly this time of year and the usual breeze may pop up too, so go prepared just in case. At least one won't have to wade through high waters as in the past, so hey, it's bound to be a great evening; enjoy!

LOGGERS REUNION/BBQ--As a reminder, during the daytime hours of this Saturday, Oct. 1, there will be the Loggers Reunion and BBQ in Naselle beginning at 1 p.m., at Appelo Archives Center, located at 1056 SR 4. This is a fundraising evening for the Logging Museum located there, so we hope you can go down and check that out while enjoying a burger or a hot dog and buying some of those raffle tickets to help support this great cause.

FOS ONLINE AUCTION COMING UP--The Friends of Skamokawa will hold their "Cornucopia of Treasures" online auction beginning Oct. 8, so we hope you'll check that out. The online link which will be open at 6 p.m., on Oct. 8 is: and will end on Oct. 22 at 6 p.m. Have fun bidding! If you'd like to see items ahead of time in person, they will be at Redmen Hall on Oct. 7 from 5 to 7 p.m. If you'd still like to donate an item for the auction, you'd best zip that up to the hall ASAP. Call ahead to assure someone is there to accept your donation at 360-795-3007 or to make other arrangements.

CIRCUS WAS IN TOWN--Last Tuesday afternoon and evening, the "Funtastic Circus" was at the Wahkiakum County Fairgrounds and while it was not a huge circus with lions and tigers and elephants, those of us who went enjoyed the performers and the clowns and the up close and personal touch that a small time circus brings. The gigantic Transformer was a hit with the kids and the gal in pink doing some fancy balancing on stacks of skateboards and cylinders was quite impressive as well. The local kids jumped right in to take part in some of the fun with the clowns, and even some of the bigger guys, like Pete Cooper didn't mind being brought up to the center ring to join in the fun! Chelsea Paulsen was another good sport when it came to shooting a balloon with a balloon bow and unseen arrow; good for some laughs from the audience! Kudos to all those who joined the circus for a little bit and provided us with some much needed comic relief!

FLEA MARKET--On the second Saturday of the month, Oct. 8, there will be our usual Flea Market at the fairgrounds in the Youth Building, so be sure to check that out from 9 to 3 that day. Also, if you'd like to part with some things, that's a good place to take it as well. If you'd like to donate some good usable things to the fair's sale items or just rent your own table for $10 and sell your own things, be sure to let Patty know by leaving a message at 360-795-3480.

ANOTHER MONTH--Just a reminder that the museum in Cathlamet will be open another month. Many projects happen during the times when the museum is not open so if you're one of those with some time on their hands this Fall and would like to help out, give Kari Kandoll a call (360-849-4353) and she could probably put you to work with Dave Whitney, Frans E., Larry H. or one of the other hard working folks who do so much for our local museum. But as the old saying goes: "Many hands make for light work" and well, it's been on the heavier side a lot lately with few volunteers, so if you could pitch in, that would be great!

TOUGH TIMES--Many folks will be putting things together to give this holiday season for the local folks who have very limited resources or could use an extra hand or who just don't ever get any gifts at all, so we hope you'll be able to pitch in and help out. Gas prices jumped 60 cents in one day and food and other things are higher, too so if you're going to buy some things to help out and donate to others at Christmas time, you might want to stock up now and save a few bucks while you can!

THINKING OF THEM--Many of us have family or friends in Florida and I can only hope that Hurricane Ian doesn't do or didn't do, as much damage as they feared it might. With this family having several family members in that area, as well as some friends/classmates, I can only hope and pray that they were not in the path of this proposed catastrophic event. I trust all your family and friends are doing alright and that all of those in this storm's path are spared as well.


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