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It's obvious that your best choice is Dan Bigelow

To The Eagle:

I've had the privilege to work alongside Dan Bigelow as Assistant Victim/Witness Coordinator in his office for many years during my 10 year residency in Wahkiakum County before I moved to Indiana to be with family. Dan is truly honorable because of his fairness, high standard of ethics, caring, and commitment to your community and public safety. He has the experience, education, and skills to serve as prosecutor, coroner and EMT responder. His door is always open to anyone that wants to talk. I know that everything I have written here is a fact; I've seen him in action countless times. His devotion and energy are quite impressive!

Since I don't live in Cathlamet anymore I can't vote for him this November. It's up to you to vote for Dan, the best person for the job with a proven track record. Every vote counts especially in Wahkiakum County! My husband and I visit Cathlamet frequently because it's safe and beautiful. Please keep it that way. Vote for Daniel H. Bigelow Prosecutor of Wahkiakum County!

Mary Neitzke



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