Praise given to local teacher


October 13, 2022

To The Eagle:

I want to send out a big congratulations to Jeff Rooklidge. I have watched and admired his Environmental Science classes for years, marveling at his commitment to teaching high school students about the world they live in, the fish they eat, the land they live on and the future it holds for their own children.

He emphasizes the importance of teaching environmental science as a career, working in the many fields of science and giving them new confidence about how their lives can make a difference in the very place they grew up. Jeff’s students have gone on to work in many fields, but I know they will always remember the days they were out in the field trying to find fish in Duck Creek, or planting trees at the JBH Refuge or working to rid the Cathlamet entrance of Japanese Knotweed, or building a fence on the Florek place to keep the cows out of Duck Creek. You’re a treasure to us, Mr. Rooklidge and I’m so grateful to see you recognized for the fine teacher you are. Teach on, please, as long as you enjoy it as much as your students do.

Karen Bertroch

Grays River


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