I want the truth, don't you?


November 3, 2022

To The Eagle:

A front page headline was shown recently in The Eagle “Jan 6 panel subpoenas Trump, shows startling new video.” I haven’t seen it but can only guess what startling new video they came up with and edited it for their narrative.

Trump and many of his closest allies that the Jan 6 Committee subpoenaed would have appeared before them but they will not behind closed doors. They will with doors wide open and with all the TV stations there ABC, OAN, CNN, NBC, Newsmax, CBS for the simple reason because when filming live they cannot edit. We can see, hear and watch it live as it is but the committee will not agree to that. Why?

Whatever, the Jan 6 Committee is using your and my money for their narrative and we, the American people, have the right to watch it live on TV, no editing. If the committee refused to do this live, then we know this was not done for America and the American people but for their own agenda. These cabals of elitist warmongers are wasting our hard earned wages for their own stratagem. I want truth. Don't you?

Toni Below



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