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November 24, 2022

Karen Bertroch.

Joe Rodgers is the owner of the new Slim Pickn's Antique Store in Naselle.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! May your day be full of gratitude for all we have in our county, region, state, country, and world. Love is everywhere, but especially in our hearts. I pray for God's blessings on each heart, home and family, large or small. Ben dog and I wish you the best.

It's a busy time but when out and about shopping or just checking out what's new, please stop by Slim Pickn's Antiques and Collectibles, the new antique store in the Grange Building in Naselle, next to Post Office. Joe Rodgers, local resident for six years, has been collecting all manner of things that he's now offering for sale in his new business. It's open Fridays through Sundays from 10-4. I have to say I am fully smitten with this store. It is full of fine and not so fine antiques, like an old ice box that's in great shape. You do know what that is, right? It's a wooden piece of furniture holding blocks of ice to keep food cool, if not frozen – before refrigerators. This one would look very authentic if you have a "farm kitchen" motif. Joe has a large collection of cast iron cookware, and I mean large! If you want to make apple cider, he has several presses of different sizes. He also has fun things like small church bells, all manner of quilts, art, frames, old comic books, old sewing machines (Minnesota and Singers), a fabulous butcher's scale (for the barn or for cutting up elk and weighing it), old tools, old logging saws, barn "stuff" and old jewelry. Joe is still working on pricing, so if you're interested in something but you question the price, talk with him and see if he will get closer to what you think is "in the ballpark." He is a fun guy and very interesting to chat with. I'm so glad he has decided to give Naselle a try and glad to have the Naselle Grange building being used to hold his treasures. Anyone can spend time there without even realizing time's going by. I think it's a great place for kids. Joe would have a grand time describing what his treasures are and what they are meant to do.

Joe has oak bookshelves with glass fronts, mirrors, and even a pool table for sale. He has three vendors who bring in pieces for him to sell, too, so the choices go on and on, especially as we approach Christmas shopping. I found an old, wide pitchfork for fifteen dollars. It's now in my garage and I'm excited to use it when cleaning up the yard and trimming rhododendrons in the summer. It's a jewel I would never find anywhere else.

Joe has retired after working many years in Anchorage for the Department of Corrections. When I talked with him, he said he was thinking of having a sale next weekend on Black Friday and beyond. I think you'll enjoy seeing the store and all his treasures. He warms the building up as soon as he opens up, so you don't have to worry about being chilly.

One week from Thanksgiving will be December first with the Christmas tree lighting on the following Saturday at the Naselle Community Center and the annual Art Show in the Grays River Grange, and then on to Sunday, December 4 with the Concert at 1:30 at the Deep River Church, followed by the Home Tour ($5 for tickets at the Church after Concert (map provided) and then the soup supper at the Naselle Community Center. It's a lovely day where you have opportunities to meet people all day long.

One gift I'm looking for this Christmas is a nice collection of Christmas stories from folks from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and all other wonderful Christmas places that we or our early families came from. It would be fun to publish these stories. If you have a nice story of 250 to 300 words, please email it to me at: You can also send them to me at 284 Loop Road, Grays River, WA 98621. I have two historic Christmas stories I'd like to sneak in as well: Maude Kimball Butler's story about the First Christmas on the Elochoman and one from Ida Maunula Cameron from her childhood in Deep River. We'll see how much room Rick Nelson will allow us. If I get some from Cathlamet, Puget Island and Skamokawa, that will round up the collection quite nicely. Won't this be fun to read? All the better would be make if some kids send me their favorite Christmas story. Here's a sample from me: When I was about five years old (1950), I lived with Grandma Nellie in Anderson, Indiana. Before Christmas, she started working on things for a doll bed, "For a little girl down the street who doesn't get much on Christmas," she told me. I loved all the things she made for a small doll bed she had found in the basement. She asked me what colors to use that I liked because she thought the girl might like what I liked. She went through old bits of cloth and made a quilt in yellow, blue and white, and taught me to hand sew on that little quilt. I was so happy to help, but secretly sad that I wasn't getting that bed. Yes, you guessed it. The bed and the quilt and the sheets and pillows were for me to use with the new doll I also got that Christmas. That's one of my favorite memories. What's yours? Please send in your stories before December 18 so we can get them in the paper and have a very happy holiday season.


December 3: Tree lighting after Bazaar at the Naselle Community Center 10-4.

December 3: Annual Art Show at Grays River Grange from 1-4 p.m. with local artists.

December 4: Christmas concert at Deep River Church at 1:30, home tour 2:30 to 5, then soup 4-7.

December 7: Senior Lunch at Rosburg Hall at noon.

December 10: Craft Day/Make a Christmas Centerpiece at Johnson Park 11 – 2. (360) 355-0472.

December 18: Tour of community lights from 6 to 9. – turn your lights on! Take a fun drive.

December 21: Senior Lunch (Christmas theme) at noon at Rosburg Hall (Potluck).

December 31: New Year's Eve 2023 at Johnson Park from 9 p.m. to midnight. Potluck, games with family and friends/ w NGRV School Board has workshop coming on December 6.


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