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PRETTY UGLY--I think we can all agree that last week's weather was pretty awful, as “Ole Man Winter” really made his debut a powerful one and that ice storm we had really came on fast and definitely made road travel treacherous. One stretch of I-5 saw 20 roll over accidents in just a few hours and most agreed that the streets were “ice rinks” and people should stay home. Even air travel was deeply impacted as hundreds of flights got cancelled and people were stranded all across the states, so it was really a brutal holiday weekend for hundreds of thousands of people. Worse yet were the dozens of people who lost their lives because of these weather conditions and our hearts certainly go out to the families who lost their loved ones.

THIS WEEK--As I begin this column, we have high wind warnings, as well as heavy rainfall predictions, so we are now looking at possible flooding situations. In some of our usual low lying areas like Grays River or SR 4 in Deep River, there have already been some flooding woes, so if you’re traveling, I hope you’re prepared for anything and everything as our winter has come roaring in and being as prepared as possible is a real must. If you’re new to the area, just know that with our steep hillsides and our roads and highways located at the base of them, that rock, tree and mudslides can happen very quickly. Naturally, if you are able to stay home and not take any chances that’s even better.

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from Dec. 29-Jan. 4 are Ken Nickolaus, Mary Gustafson, Duncan Cruickshank, Charlene Montgomery, Skylor Grasseth, Tony Danker, Terry Cleveland, Dennis Mueller, Greg Bain, John Hoven, Brooke Luthi, Taleah Wallin, Robbie Kerstetter, Bob Stewart, Trynity Mendez, Adele Whittle, Olaf Thomason, Jaxon Hoven, Jessica Moore, Carol Hadley, Kristian Veys, Jim Blain, Luke Pedersen and Frank Pedersen.

Happy Anniversary wishes go out to Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Jacob, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Junger, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Helms, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bigler. May all of you have clear weather so you can celebrate your special days!

MAIL BUILD UP--We hadn’t been able to get mail for a couple of days during the icy weather and then a couple more because of the holidays, so I’m sure there will be a whole lot of mail coming in as well as going out. I hope you’ll be patient with your postal folks and your mail carrier as they’ve had quite a struggle lately with inclement weather and heavy holiday mail loads. Here’s hoping this week's scheduled flooding and wind threat doesn’t add to their work load and stress.

MORE OUTAGES--I was happy to find my telephone and internet working this past Sunday in order to talk with family members on Christmas Day, as it had been out for most of Saturday. I think the weekend outages are so frequent anymore that I am more surprised by the fact that it’s working than when it’s not! With a little luck, by the time I push “send” this week, it will still be functioning, but we shall see; fingers crossed!

FAMILY RETURNS--John, Sharon, Abby and Sara Buennagel were able to fly from their homes in Hawaii to see family members in Longview this past week and of course, Sharon’s Mom, Dolly, was just thrilled. Beings the girls had come a couple of days later than their folks, they got hung up a bit in Portland due to the nasty weather, but luckily made it to see their grandma and spend time with their cousins over the Christmas weekend. Thanks to the internet working, I did get to “see them” that way at least!

FOUR GENERATIONS--Speaking of family gatherings and the internet, I got to see long time Skamokawa resident, Bev Moonen, enjoying a family gathering as they came together and posed for a four generation photo. It’s always nice when the “layers” of our families can get together to celebrate the holidays with us, as it’s not always possible, so I’m glad Bev got to enjoy such a wonderful gathering of her family members.

GREAT FAMILY PHOTO--Theresa Kuljis posted some great photos of hubby Rick and their family as they gathered together in their cozy PJ’s along with a couple of “fur babies” to boot; very cute! Always great to be able to get together at Christmas time and make new memories that will last a lifetime.

MINUS ONE--Samantha Pedersen posted some great photos of her daughters and herself, but sadly the gals were missing their favorite guy, hubby and Dad Adam, as he had been deployed overseas. However, thanks again to the internet (which seems to work great in the desert in the middle of nowhere just fine) Adam was able to share some holiday cheer to his family in chilly Texas while he and his fellow airmen were wearing shorts and t-shirts! I even spotted Santa with them, so I’m glad they got a little R & R wherever they are!

Meanwhile, Adam's Dad, Mark Pedersen and his wife Rhonda, were showing some awesome photos of celebrating the holidays from their new home in Hawaii; nice!

SHOEBOXES--Season Long and her group of helpers for the “Shoeboxes of Joy Wahkiakum” really pulled out all the stops and in spite of all the cruddy weather and cancellations of gatherings, managed to put together and deliver dozens of shoebox gifts to those in need. Of course, this was made possible by the very generous folks around our area who made sure there were socks, gloves, shampoos, candies, food staples and a wide variety of other items to fill those shoeboxes up; so awesome! Kudos to all that gave and to all those that wrapped and filled boxes and got them delivered, as I’m sure you made a lot of folks happy again this year!

2023 SCHEDULES--While I have yet to see a new events calendar for next year, some things, like the three upcoming crab feeds do have set dates already, so hopefully you’ll be able to make one of those; and our weather allows us to attend them. The first crab feed is in Skamokawa at the Wahkiakum County fairgrounds on January 21. This will be a first for the fair so I hope they have a good crowd. Tickets are $30 and will be available for sale at the Duck Inn or at Maria's in Cathlamet or by calling the fairgrounds at 360-795-3480.

The second crab feed is in Rosburg at the hall there and that’s on January 28. Tickets go fast for this one so we hope you have yours already. Contact Ken Elliott for more info and to see if tickets are still available, 360-465-2274.

The third one is on Puget Island in February, held at the Columbia River Ranch and put on by the Wahkiakum Chamber of Commerce. You can contact them at 360-795-9996 for ticket info or check their website.

FLEA MARKET--There will be the monthly Flea Mart at the fairgrounds on January 14 so if you’re ready to part with some old stuff to make room for that new stuff you got for Christmas, now is a good time to rent a table for $10 and maybe put a few bucks back into your piggy bank for next year's gifts. You can even donate things so that the fair can sell it and make a few bucks as well. Call the fairgrounds and leave a message; again: 360-795-3480.

NEW YEAR'S EVE--This year will come to a close this Saturday night and we hope you’ll be able to celebrate with your friends and family somewhere close by as our local businesses can certainly use your patronage. Wherever you go and whatever you do, we hope you’ll enjoy bringing in the new year with your friends, and while having fun doing so, still celebrate responsibly. May you all have a very fun-filled New Year's Eve and on Sunday, I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2023!

HIGHLIGHT OF MY WEEK--Getting to watch my great grandson, two and half year old Kaiden Good, make cookies with his Momma Nicole via a video; absolutely adorable!


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