More anti-seaplane misinformation


January 19, 2023

To The Eagle:

Again, more misinformation from the anti-seaplane writer last week when he stated "there are no overhead flight paths in this area."

There are actually three “overhead flight paths” in this area.

Low Altitude Victor Airway T355 is about 1.5 miles west of Cathlamet.

Airway J589 passes right over the top of Cathlamet.

RNAV Airway Q1 passes right over the top of Cathlamet.

There are also three Airspace Fixes close by: HOMKU, 0.6 miles west of Cathlamet, BIRON, 4.7 miles from Cathlamet, and KKARP 5.4 miles SW of Cathlamet. Also one Reporting Point ZINKY 5.2 miles South of Cathlamet. Airspace fixes are used when planning and following routes, and to report your position and or progress along a route to Air Traffic Control.

Of note there are three private airports within five nautical miles of Cathlamet, WT44, 79WA, and 18JY, plus a number of farm airstrips. Planes taking off from these airstrips make the same noise a seaplane makes.

The writer appears to be trying to persuade you based on his nonprofessional feelings rather than factual information. I believe people should be aware of facts, not hearsay when making decisions that affect the community.

Michael Moneyhan, Puget Island


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