Cathlamet does not need a town manager


February 2, 2023

To The Eagle:

The last thing Cathlamet needs is a town manager. In my experience, this conversation arises because council members (or former members) seek to distract a mayor they disagree with, even though the idea is unrealistic. For one thing, there is no money in the budget to pay the cost of a full-time manager. It would cost, conservatively, twice the annual library budget. For another, you'd be hard pressed to find someone as effective as the town's current chief executive. Blaming him for the Butler situation, or for inflation and supply-chain disruptions, is silly.

I do take one issue with Mayor Olsen: his assessment that insider politics had nothing to do with the Butler Street property acquisition is simply untrue. In fact, if we look at the Town's abandonment of property near the brewery, or further back to its acquisition of the Queen Sally lot, it is hard to argue that people in power or their relatives did not benefit in each case. That said, the mayor's commitment to respect decisions made by a previous administration is commendable.

Mr. Wainwright's best option is to "fire" the mayor by defeating him in the next election. If he's able to.

Former Cathlamet Mayor

George Wehrfritz, California


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