Don't fall victim to cyber crime


February 16, 2023

To The Eagle:

Cyber crime, is for the most part, tricking someone, or someone’s computer, into doing what the criminal wants it to do, without you knowing. I was a victim of that last week, and would like to let the community know, that they are here as well, or rather their intrusions are here. “They” could be anywhere in the world, connected in, to me, unknown ways of cyber space.

Do not do, as I did, call the number provided in the following account, of what happened. Working on the computer, all of a sudden, the screen is black, with a prominent message as follows: “Microsoft Security, Has Detected A Cyber Intrusion, On Your Computer. Call Microsoft Security For Help At: 877-657-1592.

I then proceeded to converse with said security, only to finally see the red flag, shut down computer and call to secure bank accounts, credit cards, Social Security, Equifax and anything else they may be able to get into.

Then contacted computer link NW in Cathlamet, who not only cleaned the infected computer but gave me a lot of helpful advice. Bonus of that, was it was free of charge, thanks to a grant from Washington State Commerce, through Computer Link NW, 360-795-5000,


Poul Toftemark



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