Liars, lies and people that believe them


To The Eagle:

If you wondered why FOX News promoted Trump’s unfounded assertion that the 2020 presidential election was stolen these last two years, the answer was recently made public by the Delaware Superior Court from evidence gathered during the discovery and deposition phase of Dominion Voting Systems Inc. 1.6 billion dollar liable and slander lawsuit against FOX News, Network LLC (CaseNo.N21C- 11-082-EMD).

FOX’s internal company emails and related court depositions reveal that Rupert Murdoch - FOX Chairman, and TV hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Bret Baier and others all knew Trump’s 2020 election fraud claim was a lie, and believed Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell were lying and even “nuts” “crazy” (mentally ill).

But despite knowing Trump’s rigged election claim was not true, FOX executives and TV hosts repeated and amplified Trump’s election fraud claim, including the lie that Dominion Voting Systems changed votes from Trump to Biden, for the purpose of maintaining and growing MAGA viewership, while avoiding Trump’s criticism of FOX that would likely have occurred, if the network were to ever fact check Trump’s stolen election allegation in prime time.

Considering everything that has been revealed over the last two years: What does this new revelation, and the other disclosures via the January 6 Committee say about the judgement of people that believed the ridiculous conspiracy theories Trump, FOX, News Max and the far right have promoted?

And will MAGA Republicans ever have the intellectual honesty to objectively weigh all of the facts surrounding the 2020 election, the January 6, 2021 insurrection, the COVID-19 pandemic, ANTIFA etc., and admit that they have been manipulated and lied to?

Finally, considering the revelation that FOX lied to its viewing audience, which media outlets were actually guilty of promoting ‘FAKE NEWS’? Was it CNN, MSNBC, PBS, the Washington Post etc., as Trump has suggested, or was it actually FOX and News Max that have been spreading lies and misinformation?

Folks, people may claim they want politicians and the media to tell them the truth, but when truth and objective facts challenge their long held biases and beliefs, many will cling to the lie and to the myth that they have been taught.

To quote Jack Nicholson in the 1992 movie ‘A Few Good Men’ “You can’t handle the truth…..”

Frederick Lehr

Grays River


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