Where are all the young people?


To The Eagle:

Where to start; there are so many people without housing or jobs that many if not most cities have people living in tents on the sidewalks. Not enough people apparently for the GOP because not only are they against reproductive health care for women, they are against education to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Both Portland and Seattle are becoming unlivable from the hoards of street people with more on the way.

Now, rather than spend the money here in our country to help fix the incredible problems, our fearless democratic leader has pledged billions of dollars to other countries to help lift them out of poverty. Uh...what? Yeah, no kidding! I suspect as a country we're about screwed. One guy running for POTUS in '24 is charged with a felony, and both leading characters are way past a reasonable pull date, one late 70s and the other in his 80s.

I wake every morning, glad I'll complete my 80th year this summer, and wondering where are the young people who should be stepping up to the plate?

I once was a faithful attendee to our local democratic party monthly meetings and remembering asking aloud, "Where are the young people?" We were all at least in our 60s. Sadly, the younger folks are busy with their spatulated thumbs on their cell phones as the world passes by.

James Roberts



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