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To The Eagle:

In last week’s paper there were two letters that I found interesting yet very different in meaning and purpose.

The first the letter, "Who's shaking the jar" used an analogy of two types of ants in a jar coexisting until someone shakes the jar which insights disagreement and ultimately deadly violence.

The letter was spot on, interesting, informative and most importantly thought provoking; a true lesson for us all in these times of extreme political polarization.

Now the second letter I am referring to, "Republican Conservatives see obscenity everywhere" on the other end the spectrum, was the letter from the Liberal Town Crier with the usual personal beliefs sold as facts, the typical name calling and ridiculous accusations about this or that.

This letter as always blames conservative folks for everything from pedophilia to spoiled milk.

Now with all due respect, may I suggest to the writer that he put down his Thesaurus and copy of MAO'S thoughts and read Mr. Lehr's letter over and over again so that in the future his letters may be less accusatory and thereby maybe even the least bit interesting.

God Bless America.

Paul Schreiber



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