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Biden blamed Trump for Afghanistan withdrawal

To The Eagle:

For seven years the Biden regime kept accusing Trump with false allegations they could never prove. The latest is unspeakable; an allegedly one time sex with Stormy Daniels that supposedly happened 17 years ago. How in hells bells did they come up with 37 counts for an allegedly one time sex as a felony? If it did happen, so what? Nothing to brag about. Let’s face it, many of our past presidents had mistresses to frolic with; only a handful of presidents were ever faithful to their wives.

What has the media not reported? The CCP paid millions of dollars to the Biden family for helping them get into various industries here in America. As I mentioned before, CCP Police Stations exist in LA and NYC. What about the CCP balloon episode floating across our country?

Ashley Biden at 40 years old entered a rehab center for drugs and sex addiction. In her diary she wrote “I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/my dad, probably not appropriate.” Hunter is no angel either.

Finally, video footage of the Jan 6 rally has been released but there are still more the FBI and the Biden regime “stole” that have not been released. We saw in the video millions of American people just stood outside the Capitol with flags and cell phones, no weapons. The Capitol Police took the first shot. The Jan 6 Committee and the Biden regime purposely edited the video to make us look violent. The violent were BLM and Antifa. They all ought to be put in solitary confinement in the same cells they put the innocents in for the same amount of time or longer. The innocents have not been released yet.

In other breaking news, Biden blamed Trump for the Afghanistan withdrawal in 2021. Who was President then?

This is real news. Stay tuned for part 2.

Toni Below



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