Sheriff's Report, April 13, 2023


April 13, 2023

Wahkiakum County law enforcement officers and emergency response personnel handled a variety of reports during the past week, including:

April 3 — 8:49 a.m. Dispatch received four 911 calls from the same number. Background noises were heard but no one was on the line. A message was left for the owner of the phone to contact the sheriff’s office. 10:38 a.m. An East Valley resident reported a recurring problem with trespassers parking on his property. 5:22 p.m. An Elochoman Valley resident said someone abandoned a black Mercedes with flat tires in his driveway. 5:59 p.m. A resident on Risk Road reported that someone had been in his barn again and taken rock.

April 4 — 9:06 a.m. A caller said she received a text message from a woman trying to flee a man she believed had drugged her and her son. A deputy contacted the caller and the victim.

April 5 — 4:16 a.m. A caller said there were people stealing cans from the recycling bins on Puget Island. 2:11 p.m. An individual who had not been seen for three days was reported missing. 3:04 p.m. The Cathlamet ambulance aided a person who was having difficulty breathing. 4:08 p.m. A caller reported that a child had been sexually assaulted. 5:56 p.m. The Cathlamet ambulance aided an individual with a cut finger. 6:01 p.m. A sexual assault was reported. 7:05 p.m. A welfare check was requested for a woman who allegedly threatened to harm herself. A deputy spoke with the individual. She denied the allegation, but later came up with a plan with a family member to stay safe. 7:32 p.m. The Cathlamet ambulance aided a Middle Valley resident with a possible broken leg.

April 6 — 7:30 a.m. A caller said he ran over a 9mm pistol in a holster on a Puget Island road. He said it was now secured at his home. A deputy responded. 1:01 p.m. A caller said a person known to him stole an electric wall heater and caused damage in a West Valley home. 5:57 p.m. A caller asked for assistance after his truck broke down on Covered Bridge Road. Dispatch transferred the caller to a towing company. 6:01 p.m. The Grays River ambulance aided an ailing Deep River resident. 6:24 p.m. The Cathlamet ambulance aided an Elochoman Valley resident with high blood pressure.

April 7 — 12:35 a.m. A caller provided information about an individual who had been reported missing. 2:46 a.m. The Cathlamet ambulance aided a Cathlamet resident complaining of chest pain. 10:24 a.m. A caller reported that a woman was sitting along SR 4 in the Cathlamet area. She told a deputy she was waiting for Wahkiakum on the Move. 2:31 p.m. A search warrant was served at a Glen Gate home. 4:10 p.m. A caller said she had given a neighbor permission to park a vehicle on the gravel near her driveway but said he now had several vehicles parked there. She was concerned that emergency vehicles would not have access to the street. 6:03 p.m. An East Valley resident said that a man was aggressive earlier in the day, wanting a fight. 7:02 p.m. A caller saw a person moving on the ground along the south shoulder of SR 4 on the east side of the county. State patrol responded but were unable to locate the person. 7:12 p.m. The Cathlamet ambulance, a deputy, and the District 4 Fire Department aided an Elochoman Valley resident with a low heart rate. 10:42 p.m. A caller reported that a driver on SR 4 was unable to maintain the lane. A deputy responded and learned they were cleaners looking for a job site.

April 8 — 7:33 a.m. Volunteer firefighters from across the county trained at a live burn practice hosted by the District 4 Fire Department at a vacant and donated Elochoman Valley house. 7:50 a.m. A caller said a vehicle was in a ditch along SR 4 in the Rosburg area. State patrol responded and said the vehicle was out of gas not disabled. 4:52 p.m. A caller reported that a family member had taken several items from an Elochoman Valley home. It was determined to be a civil matter. 5:51 p.m. A caller reported that an eastbound vehicle was speeding and tailgating other drivers on SR 4.

April 9 — 6:52 a.m. A caller accidentally dialed 911. 7:43 a.m. The Cathlamet ambulance aided a person in Cathlamet who collapsed and was repeatedly losing consciousness. 2:53 p.m. A caller reported a large rock on the fog line along SR 4 about a mile west of County Line Park. 4:38 p.m. A caller said a tree was partially blocking SR 4 in the Deep River area. 5:54 p.m. A Rosburg resident was concerned about animals belonging to a neighbor he said he hadn’t seen in a week. 8:21 p.m. A deputy conducting a vehicle stop asked for assistance, citing multiple warrants.


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