Filing period opens next week


Filing period opens next week

By Diana Zimmerman

Want to run for local office?

The filing period for the 2023 general election is next week, May 15-19, beginning at 9 a.m. on Monday and ending at 4 p.m. on Friday. Candidates, whether they are incumbents or challengers or someone interested in filling an open position, may file in person at the county auditor’s office or online via the Wahkiakum County Election page at

Several positions are up for election, including at Wahkiakum County Ports, school districts, and the Town of Cathlamet.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time with the port and I’m excited about the things we are doing and have been able to do,” said Austin Burkhalter, who plans to run for another term at Port 2. At Port 1, Commissioner Scott Anderson said he plans to file for another six years.

Town of Cathlamet Councilmember Robert Stowe said on Monday that he will run for his position again.

“As before, I feel that I am asking the hard questions during council meetings that nobody else wants to ask,” Stowe said. “I take a hard look at what we’re spending as a council for the town. I will continue to fulfill that necessary position.”

At the Wahkiakum School District, Patty Anderson will run again, while Paula Culbertson has announced that she will be leaving at the end of the year.

“This is my final term,” Culbertson said. “I will turn 77 in November. Time for new blood!”

District Office Term Incumbent Filing fee

Port 2 Comm 3 6 year, reg term, NP Austin Burkhalter $13.68

TOC Council Pos.3 4 year, short &full term NP Joe Baker $10.00

Fire D3 Comm 26 year, reg term NP Michael J. Whalen $0.00

NGRVSD Director, D1 4 year, reg term NP Tyson Vogeler $0.00

NGRVSD Director, D3 4 year, reg term NP Aris Campbell $0.00

SKA Water/Sewer Comm 1 6 year, short & full term NP Levi Helms $12.48

Cemetery D1 Comm 1 6 year reg term NP Cathy LaBerge $0.00

TOC Council Pos 1 4 year reg term NP Robert Stowe $10.00

TOC Council Pos 2 4 year short & full term NP Kermit Chamberlain $10.00

Fire D1 Comm 2 6 year reg term NP Ronald Kimmel $120.00

Fire D2 Comm 2 6 year reg term NP Oliver van den Berghe $0.00

Fire D4 Comm 2 6 year reg term NP James McCoy $13.68

Port 1 Comm 1 2 year unexpired term NP James Sorenson $13.68

Port 1 Comm 2 6 year reg term NP Scott Anderson $13.68

WSD Director 2 4 year regular term NP Paula Culbertson $0.00

WSD Director 4 4 year regular term NP Patty Anderson $0.00


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