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Former resident says goodbye

To The Eagle:

Allow me to thank Wahkiakum County and Cathlamet for the 13 plus years we lived in the Elochoman valley. Watched it grow from widely scattered farms and houses to what it is now with houses popping up like toadstools after an autumn rain. Admittedly, some are quite tasteful and then there are the others.

The couple that bought our place are blessed to be surrounded by the best neighbors we've ever had. You know who you are and thanks from the bottom of our collective heart. They plan on doing what we weren't capable of and imagine they'll do very well with it.

Also wish to thank The Eagle for printing my dozens of letters over the years and actually doing a feature piece about me when I was an active radio on air personality at KMUN in Astoria. It was Rick's idea so thanks, buddy! So many have told me that they look forward to and enjoy what they see as thoughtful contributions to the opinion section. I would name names but The Eagle only allows a certain number of words per contribution.

Moved to the old Ozment place in 2010 when I was a recently retired RN, still rode my Harley, and could grow a nice garden and deal with wood heat. Now, hovering at the soon to be completion of my 80th year, the HD is long gone, I'm on oxygen 24/7 and my wife was wearing out trying to keep up with everything including the wood heat. Given that, we sold to the delightful folks that bought us out, bought a nice house in a quiet neighborhood in Longview and my wife doesn't have to do any of the hard stuff that I'm unable to do any longer.


James Roberts



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