Main Street saloon sold


The saloon in downtown Cathlamet changed hands to Realtor Debi Trull and her husband Gary last week to the tune of $225,000.

“We are the proud new owners of that catastrophe," Debi Trull said with a laugh, before turning more serious.

“It’s getting more and more dilapidated and it’s such an iconic piece of the history of Cathlamet its not in its best interest to continue rotting way,” she said.

It will take some time, but the couple have long range plans to restore the building to its former glory and use the space for offices, apartments, condos, and a bar and restaurant.

According to Trull, the back has dropped quite a bit, so their first order of action will be to repair some structural issues and level the building. After that, they will put on a new roof, replace windows, and beautify the exterior, as it is, with paint and repairs, while dressing up the front.

They are also working on plans to add a ramp to be ADA compliant.

“That’s our grandiose idea,” Trull said. “Hopefully it all comes to fruition, but It will be a long range plan. Nothing in a hurry. We’ve already started spraying the weeds and morning glory, getting that under control, Then a dumpster will appear soon to finish the clean up of what remains were left for us.”

The previous owners have taken what they wanted to keep for nostalgic reasons, Trull said, but there is still a lot of stuff inside.

“We pretty much purchased it as it sits,” she said.

So they are getting it cleaned out, and an electrician is coming to work soon. New plumbing is planned and floors have to be repaired.

As for the asbestos siding, it will remain.

“We intend to keep it in place and paint it,” Trull said. “It’s actually a great fire barrier. Leaving that intact protects the neighboring buildings.”

They are already hearing the excitement from the community, and Trull just wants to say, “Wish us luck.”

Luck, Debi and Gary Trull. Luck.

Watch this space.


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