Town talks speed limits and sewer rates


The Cathlamet town council met Tuesday and discussed speed limits and sewer rates again. The discussion about sewer rates began with connection fees for new developments. The city has not changed utility connection fees since 2013. The council discussed various methods of discount including the number of homes built or lower connection fees for less expensive housing but no decision was made. The port manager was the most recent water customer to ask for a larger reduction of their bill after a leak at the marina reached $2,800. The council decided to grant them a reduction of $900 instead of the $300 maximum stated in the ordinance. Their reasoning was that the marina found the leak early and that they have a larger pipe because they are a commercial customer. Lowering speed limits was discussed again with most all of the council members in agreement that more signs were needed. The town attorney said that reducing the speed limit to 20 miles per hour would require a city ordinance since residential speed limits are 25 miles per hour statewide.


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