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Zimmerman issues new challenge for 2023 WCF

Last year I issued a challenge for the Wahkiakum County Fair. I was pretty sure that I, an infrequent baker, could make the best pie in the county, and I happily told you so.

I confess it was mostly bluster, but it was a bit of fun.

Twenty-three other bakers in the county stepped up to prove me wrong, and boy did they ever. Four of them took top honors. I got a blue ribbon, but I think it was the fair’s way of saying, “Bless your heart.”

The GFWC Cathlamet Woman’s Club has taken over the pie challenge, and while I may yet try my hand at another pie at fair time, the dare I presented no longer feels like mine.

I am proposing a new challenge this year, which I am issuing to the entire population of Wahkiakum County.

I bet I make the best doughnuts in the county. Candy too.

These are two more things I know nothing about, but believe you me, I’m going to spend the next couple months crowing about how you can’t possibly do better.

I dare you, I triple dog dare you, to prove me wrong by submitting your own entries at this year’s Wahkiakum County Fair, which will be held August 17, 18, and 19 in Skamokawa.

In the meantime, I might even tell you about all the things that went wrong as I learn how to make doughnuts and candy. Feel free to envy or feel sorry for whoever it is I manage to sucker into being a guinea pig. Volunteers welcome!


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