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Have a safe and fun Fourth of July

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NOT TOO BAD--I was happy to see some dry weather over the weekend. It got up there in the low 80s for a bit, and we had a nice 72 degrees and wind on Sunday, so that was just perfect to me. For all those shopping on Puget Island this weekend during the big PIGYS event, it seemed like a great time for folks who were shopping here and there and maybe even exploring the Island for the first time.

DO NOT LEAVE IN HOT CARS!--I shouldn’t have to say this, but will repeat what has to be said to some who refuse to adhere to the “don’t leave children or pets in a car alone when it’s hot!” For most of us, this is just common sense, yet every year we hear of children dying in a hot car and someone else just had to bring their dog with them and still thinks a cracked window is enough air for them to be alright. It’s not! Heat stroke can happen in a very short time, resulting in brain damage and of course, death if left longer. If you see a child alone or a dog in distress, contact authorities immediately.

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from June 29-July 5 are Austin Luthi, Matt Helms III, Sandie York, Debbie Kuller, Chris Wika, Mariah Mogush, Tanya Cleveland, Jaxton Nicolazzi, Kathi West, Justin Norris, Clara Olson, Frank Corbin, Dale Jacobson, Tim Pedersen, Blaze Taylor and Nathan Chamberlain.

Those celebrating anniversaries this coming week are Mr. and Mrs. Bob Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Smith, Mr. and Mrs. John Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Florek Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Hap Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Pete Sechler. Here’s hoping your anniversaries are just super memorable this year!

LIONS CLUB--Don’t forget, your local Wahkiakum Lions Club members are selling fireworks right now, so stop by their booth, located near the BackRoadZ burger joint on SR4 near the Dollar General Store. They started on Tuesday and will run through July 4, if they aren’t sold out by then. Please come and support this great group that does such wonderful things for our community.

FLEA MARKET--In case you haven’t had your fill of bargain shopping, come on down to the fairgrounds here in Skamokawa and check out the sales that will take place on July 8 from 9 to 3. Some things are even being offered up for free. Come check it out!

While you’re here, you will most likely see all the merchandise being offered for the upcoming Smoke on the Water Music Fest. Get your t-shirt or insulated cups and more now.

FOS--While you’re down here checking the sales out, we hope you’ll check out our historic Redmen Hall, which is open on Saturday and Sunday; usually from 12 to 4. You can call the hall at 360-795-3007 to double check their hours or to gather more information about current and upcoming displays.

BALD EAGLE DAYS--Of course the big event for July will be the Bald Eagle Days festivities which include a run on the morning of July 15 in memory of Terry Bonny. There will be the “Art in the Park” at Strong Park (near the museum), and the parade, the vendors, bingo at the Norse Hall at 6 p.m., and the fireworks once it gets dark, so get ready to have some fun on the streets of Cathlamet in a couple of weeks! Volunteers are still needed so call the Chamber of Commerce at 360-795-9996 if you can help out.

VISTA PARK--Our jewel of a park has a nice new office and a nice big new sign, so it’s easy for traffic going by to spot. The entrance area has a better place for folks to park and get registered as well. Coming to the park on July 15 and 16 are the wonderful catamarans and the races they put on, so if you want to see the Hobie Cat Regatta, come on down and check them out.

RIVER DANGERS--If the heat arrives, there are going to be folks headed to the various beaches and water sources and we all know just how dangerous our rivers can be for those who are not familiar with them, or just flat refuse to take precautions when they are out there in it. There are strong undercurrents in our mighty Columbia and if you’re at the Pacific Ocean, the riptides are deadly. It’s hard for some to believe how quickly a fun day can turn into a tragedy so please keep those kids in life jackets, be cautious of your surroundings and as you travel to and fro, please slow down and drive safely. It’s better to take an extra few minutes to get where you’re going rather than not to get there at all.

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY--I hope our upcoming weather will be decent for all the Fourth of July activities that everyone likes to take part in, so we’ll see if the forecast for some warm days over that holiday comes true or not. Those outdoor barbecues and camping trips are pretty popular this time of year, so I hope whatever you have planned works out perfectly for you and yours. It’s hard to believe it’s time for all those activities already and with Longview having fireworks back at the lake this year, I imagine it will be very busy up there. I can only hope you will all have a fun, yet safe holiday wherever you go and whatever you opt to do. Happy 4th everybody!


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