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TOASTY--The warm Summer weather that everyone was hoping for has arrived and I hope you’ve been able to enjoy them without getting “fried” in the process! Sometimes the nice breeze fools us into thinking it’s not that hot out there but then wind up looking as “red as a beet,” which is not a good thing! With the hottest of this week's temperatures having already taken place, (supposedly) then this coming week's temps scheduled for the low 70s should be just about right!

FIRE DANGER--We’d like to thank all of our fire departments and volunteers who showed up for the vehicle and land fire that happened on KM this past week; that could have been disastrous! We were happy to learn that the young driver escaped serious injury. When his vehicle crashed and caught fire, things went from bad to worse in a hurry, as it didn’t take long and the hillside was burning as well as his car. Beings we’ve had quite a dry stretch and it’s been breezy, this situation was super scary but the quick response with multiple agencies kept a bad situation from getting much worse. So thank you all!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from July 6-12 are Irene Martin, Patty Dursteler, Jaiden Mahitka, David Shrum, Samantha McClain, Brynn McClain, Jerzie Wallin, Justin Hoven, Tyler Heagy, Kurtis Bergseng, Lee Wages, Sunny Manary, Jordon Fritzie Collins, Jayla Grasseth, Melissa Robbins, Mallory Bosch, Dean Takko, Brad Towery, David West, Bryce Good and Blake Sechler. May all of your birthday celebrations be memorable ones!

Those celebrating anniversaries this coming week are Gary and Pam Emery, Lance and Heidi Souvenir, Carol Carver and George Exum, Mr. and Mrs. Dana McClain, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hendrickson, Natalie Emery and Roger Wise and Paul and MaryAnn Ehrensberger. May the celebrations of your wedding day be super special this coming week!

NEW ADDITION--We got word this week of a new addition to the Jonas Pedersen lineage, so that was exciting news, as Bryan Bach and Libby Davison welcomed their baby boy, named Briggs Daniel into this world on June 28 in the tri-city area. He joins his almost two year old brother, Bennett. While the “little guy” wasn’t due for three more weeks, he still came into this world weighing in at a hefty nine pounds and seven ounces, so for his mama's sake, maybe it’s a good thing he showed up a little early!

The Pedersen lineage goes like this: Jonas Pedersen>Walter Pedersen>LuAnn>Libby to Bennett and Briggs. We are always happy to hear of another member to our family tree and we offer our congratulations to the happy couple and a hearty welcome to the newest member of the family.

COMMUNITY BREAKFAST--Don’t forget that the Skamokawa Grange Hall is still open on Thursdays from 10 to 12 in order for you to share in a Community Breakfast and other activities. Bring a coffee cup and a goodie to share if you want and visit with your neighbors. Donations go towards funding this “free” breakfast so we hope you can put a bit in the donation jar while you’re there.

GET WELL--Here’s hoping Puget Islander Paula Quigley recovers fully after a lengthy hospital stay and some scary health issues. She is currently at a specialty hospital that deals with rehab for patients that still need extra care with her wounds. According to her friends, Gary Herold and Kim Swan Morris, your thoughts and prayers are still welcomed as she continues to recuperate from her health issues that sent her to the ICU in May. Folks have been good about pitching in and helping take care of her animals while she has been away but a GoFundMe account has been set up to help with expenses. You can contact one of her friends on FB and see about buying a gift card from Wilco or Tractor Supply to help purchase feed.

We also want to send our wishes of recovery to Cathy LaBerge who took a spill this past week and will be heading into surgery to repair some broken bones, which she says includes two in her foot and her tibia; ouch! So, here’s to a successful surgery and speedy healing for Cathy in the days ahead.

TIME TO SHOP--There will be the usual second Saturday of the month Flea Market at the Wahkiakum Fairgrounds in Skamokawa this weekend so please check out all the bargains from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. I hear there are even some free things, so come and see if there’s something you need for a really great price! Various vendors are usually here as well; it’s a good time to start shopping local for those Christmas gifts, too!

OPEN HOUSE--While not in Skamokawa, there is an Open House happening at the Rap Tap Building at the river’s edge on Broadway St. in Cathlamet, as their event center, laundromat and residence are ready for an Open House this Saturday at 3 p.m. There will be some finger food and refreshments to enjoy as you check out this new “old” spot in Cathlamet and you’re all invited to stop by and check it out.

For many, (years ago) the bar there was known as “Paul's Canteen” and then later, others simply called it “The Dock.” Then there were some quiet years, until it was opened back up as “The River Rap Tap.” It was lots of fun and included two pool teams, along with a new sport: broomstick pool tournaments; a real blast! They also had a terrific sandwich called the “Rat Marine” three kinds of meat and cheese and special sauce on a homemade bun; yum!

Fast forward to today and this place has been totally transformed from a bar with wildly slanted floors and an unusable deck, to a laundromat and an event space with a brand new deck; a truly wonderful transformation. We are so happy this historic building has been restored to a functioning waterfront site once again. I also love that the “River Rat Tap” sign is still hanging above the new sign, as that was designed by a former Puget Island resident, and friend, Roberta Weaver. Here’s to many more years of memories being made at this unique spot along the Columbia River.

MUD WRESTLING/SHANIA EXPERIENCE--Next Friday, July 14, there will be a dual event for just one price of $15, so that’s a good deal. Not only can you have fun watching a variety of age groups wrestle around in the mud, but then you can enjoy some great country music by the Shania Twain Tribute Band! You can get your tickets from fair foundation members or stop by the Duck Inn to purchase them. There will also be something to eat and drink, so head this way on Friday. For more complete information, contact Patty at the fair, 360-795-3480 and leave a message.

BALD EAGLE DAYS & MORE AHEAD--While most areas will be experiencing the big Fourth of July activities earlier this week, with all the massive firework displays and such, our area has their big display after the Bald Eagle Day parade and festivities on July 15.

If you have animals, I sincerely hope you will keep them safe and at home in a secure space so that they are not wandering around lost and multiple community volunteers aren’t having to rescue them. Now is the time to prepare for this upcoming event, which is fun for us but noisy and scary for them. Needless to say, leaving them in your vehicle on a hot day will only get you reported to authorities and/or possibly a busted window!

Here’s to all those who are in the parade, who are setting up booths as vendors and those serving food, or having bingo later on. We hope everyone has a great time next weekend! We also hope everyone who is having family reunions or class reunions will have wonderful gatherings and be able to make more memories with friends and family. A full line-up of events will be on the website of the Wahkiakum Chamber of Commerce and most likely in this paper as well; enjoy!


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