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Some days you wonder how the day is gonna' go, but you just get up and get going. This was one of those days. Last night felt strange. I could not sleep. The air was damp and heavy with a higher than usual temperature. Bendog was restless and barked a lot on the back porch. I tossed and turned and felt like, well you know what I mean. I am blessed that I can look from my bed right out the front windows and see what's going on outside. The strangeness of the night just continued when I looked out because there were cows in the field across the road. Now that is not normal. I assumed they were Tony Zhao's cows since he bought Phil Zerr's place and Phil's cows would wander over when the river was low. He would come right away and take care of them. So I called Tony, but no answer. After time passed, enough for me to be dressed and ready to start writing my column for this week, I assumed the cows would be gone. But they were headed to the road, so I put on my shoes and whistled them back toward the river. Then I drove over to Tony's barn to see if he got my message on his phone. His metal gate was locked so I went to their house. Tony didn't think they were his, but me the "old timer" told him, "Phil's cows used to do the same." I went home, fed Ben, and Tony drove in. He said, "You know Victor, right? Those are his cows. He has them on my field behind Ahlberg Park and they keep getting out. He needs to fix his fence, so they don't go in the river." Tony gave me Victor's phone number because I really don't know Victor well. I called and asked him to come take care of his cows, then Tony talked to Victor who said he will come out today and put them back. Well, the cows are still wandering and I worry about them getting on to Loop Road. But they know how to get back to the river, so hopefully they won't get in the road. And so my day began. How about yours? Guess it's just a normal morning in the country. Oh, and you know what else felt strange? A bit of very light, oh, so very light, sprinkling of rain/mist. Thus, the high humidity after weeks of drought brought moisture, but not enough for a good soaking which we need. Then I learned on the news of the excessive rain – nine inches – in New England, so they are having serious flooding. When did we ever hear of New England flooding? It is indeed a strange day and time. When I lived in Indiana as a child, those hot humid nights meant thunderstorms and tornadoes were coming. I doubt that will happen here, but then again, floods in Vermont? And then I remembered to thank God for the rain and the cows and the valley and neighbors. I know it is a good day because I live in Grays River and love it. Looking ahead, we have Bald Eagle Days coming this weekend with the best fireworks ever. It's a good reason to head over KM and watch all the fun. Diana Zimmerman did a great article in last week's Eagle where all the activities are listed. My favorite is the parade on Saturday at noon. I hope we have shiny logging trucks filled with timber at the end.

Another event to look forward to is the Nordic Music Concert on July 29 at the Chinook School with Revontuli, featuring Celtic harp and Finnish kantele, beginning at 5. The Chinook School is all restored and a grand place for music concerts. Sponsored by the Appelo Archives Center in Naselle, this concert will be a grand gathering for all. Presale tickets are available at Appelo Archives Center or online at: Tickets will also be available at the door. To enjoy the concert from your home, Live Zoom tickets are also available for purchase.

Calendar of Events:

Mondays: First Monday of the month, Naselle Library has a men's coffee gathering 10-11:30.

Tuesdays: Naselle Lutheran Church sponsors morning quilters and knitters in afternoons.

Third Tuesday: Naselle Grays River School Board meets at 6:30 in school library.

Second Wednesday of the month: Grays River Flood Control District meets at the Grays River Fire Hall across from Duffy's Pub at 5:30.

Wednesdays: AA meeting at the Grays River Grange at noon.

Wednesdays at 2 at the Timberland Naselle Library: July 12: Reptile Man; July 19: Brownsmead Flats; July 26: East of Sun and West of Moon with Pegasus Puppets; August 2: Ice Cream Party and Great Egg Hunt.

First Thursday of the month: Grays River/Rosburg Gardening group meets at Johnson Park at 6.

First Thursday of the month: Caregiver Support Group at Naselle Library with OBH staff 1-2.

Thursdays: CAP Senior Lunches are located at Rosburg Hall at noon.

Second Friday of month: Women's Coffee Group at Naselle Library at 10.

Second Saturday of month: Grays River Grange's Farmers Market at the Grange 10-1.

July 14-15: Bald Eagle Days in Cathlamet.

July 15: Hobie Cat Regatta at Vista Park.

July 19: Senior Lunch at Rosburg Hall at noon.

July 18: Naselle GRV School Board meets at 6:30 in the library. Budget hearing will be at 5:30.

July 20: Paint Night at Johnson Park for wildlife painting class. $30 (360) 355-0472.

July 29: Nordic Music Concert at Chinook School at 5 with kantele and celtic harp.

August 12: 4-H Horse Show at County Fairgrounds.

August 17-19: County Fair.

August 19: Loggers Reunion with BBQ and beer from 2-5 at Appelo Archives Center.

Word for the Week: Gratitude


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