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COOLED DOWN--After several very hot days, I was happy to see the morning clouds and much milder temperatures arrive. I heard a lot of folks complaining of sunburns though, so one needs to be careful as while the sun seems like your friend, it really can be dangerous. Skin cancer is real and can be life threatening. Sunscreen has its limitations; it’s not meant for an all day, full blast exposure, especially near the water. So, take care, as I hear clearer, warmer weather is making a comeback this weekend!

COME DOWN ON FRIDAY--If you want to get some laughs, come on down to the fairgrounds in Skamokawa on July 14 and check out the mud wrestling event at 3:30 p.m., as it’s always great fun and they’ve even got some younger ones to entertain you this year! Following that, the Shania Twain tribute band will entertain you at 7 p.m. Cost of admission includes both events, with food available for you as well, so head this way on Friday!

THIS IS IT--This is the big Bald Eagle Days weekend and Cathlamet's Main Street will be closed for most of Saturday to allow for all the vendors and the parade and all those folks who will be enjoying it all. If you’re new to town, you’ll be routed around the back side of town, but be wary of all those folks walking that way as they travel from where they parked their cars to the various activities. There have been signs everywhere about various events, and we hope you’ve planned on checking them all out. One of those will be the musicians performing at the Pioneer Community Center from 1 to 3 p.m., which was the historic Pioneer Church built in 1896. It’s been undergoing some wonderful renovations, so head up there and check it out. It's located to the right of the Cathlamet Market and behind the Library; you can’t miss it. In between activities in C-town, you can take a break by heading over to Puget Island and enjoying some bingo at the Norse Hall where doors will be open at 5:30 and games will begin at 6 p.m. After that, head back to town and get ready for the big fireworks show once it gets dark. It’s going to be a great day. We hope you’ll shop local and support the vendors who have come out on this special day. Remember, Christmas is only a short five months away!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from July 13-19 are Marietta Montgomery, Jerry Ledtke, Keri Moonen, Luke Schmitz, Barbara Booth, Mary Schroder, Theresa Libby, Steve L. Doumit, Brysen Coleman, Robert Davis, Jackson Hannah, Mike Clark, Cameron Havens, Eric Ferguson, Tracy Elliott, Pam Elliott, Jamie Kincaid, Liz Brown, Barbara Brewster, Lonney Kubacki, Ron Miller, Jensen Finkas, Kalei Meyers, Nicholas Rodriquez, Kyle Sechler and 67’er Sharon McKie. Celebrating their anniversaries this week are Lance and Shannon Britt, Mike and Julie Iverson and John and Mary Gustafson. May all of you have wonderful birthday and anniversary celebrations.

REUNIONS--The Class of 1963 will meet July 15 at the conference room behind the Skamokawa Store/Hotel at 5 p.m. until dark, so we hope you have spread the word and plan on coming down to see your classmates that evening. The Class of 1967 will meet at Dale Jacobson's house at 1:30 and will eat around 2, so if you want to yak at any of them, feel free to stop by Dale's place which is on the way to the Brewery and next to the dentist office, so it’s easy to find.

EXPECT MORE TRAFFIC--As you may have heard, the Lewis and Clark Bridge (Longview/Rainier Bridge) will soon be fully closed for about eight days beginning July 16 and while people have been advised to avoid jamming up our local ferry, you can bet there will be plenty of folks who do. So, if you need to get “across the creek” for something important during those days, give yourself plenty of extra time just in case folks ignore the “go around” to Astoria suggestion. Either way, there will be more traffic on SR 4 on the Washington side, as well as the OR side, so pack your patience, everybody!

BURN BAN ON/KEEP FIDO HOME--You should have heard by now that there is a burn ban currently in place for Wahkiakum County, so please don’t risk a “little fire” and have the wind pick it up and torch your home or the surrounding woodlands! It also should go without saying that during this dry spell, the outside critters need water and with some of the creeks drying up, they may be crossing our roadways more often to find some, so be extra careful driving around our country roads. If you live in a wooded area, it wouldn’t hurt to set out some buckets of water for the deer and a bird bath for our feathered friends. If you have cattle and horses, I hope you’ve got a good source of water for them as you’ll never know how much those bigger animals drink until you have to start packing water to them. Last but not least, when it’s hot, please keep your dogs safe by keeping them out of hot cars and off the hot pavement. Sadly, we’re still hearing of tragic stories of pets and children being left in hot cars and that’s just totally inexcusable. Here’s to safe days ahead for all!

EARLY ENTRIES--I know the Wahkiakum County Fair isn’t until the middle of August but if you want to enter an animal into the fair, you must have them entered by July 21. So, beings that is coming up real soon, please go to your fair office and get that taken care of ASAP! Call 360-795-3480 if you need to set up a time to meet with the manager.


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