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Former resident is still writing

To The Eagle:

I was told by none other than Ralph Kaiser that just because I don't live in the valley any longer is no excuse to not write letters to The Eagle. Given that encouragement here goes. First, thanks, Ralph! Secondly, it's only fair to other avid readers of my somewhat frequent opinion pieces to continue from afar. Actually, Longview isn't that far but it sure seems like it after 13 years in the Elochoman.

I suppose one of the most noticeable things is that it doesn't really get dark at night. I miss the night sky with the stars, jets and occasional meteorites. I miss the quiet at night and of course the best neighbors on the planet. I don't miss the log trucks, the people that confuse 65-70 with the posted speed of 45, and the youth popping wheelies tearing up and down the county road.

The convenience of living in the city is indisputable but the price we pay is that we no longer can call home the wonderful little town of Cathlamet and the interesting county Wahkiakum. At least Cowlitz alludes to the former residents rather than the invaders, such as Clark and Lewis immediately to our South and North.

The Eagle still appears in our mailbox on Thursdays and will continue as long as The Eagle remains in print. I would miss the letters by Paul Schreiber, Toni Below and others such as J B and Poul. Keep them coming. And, thanks to Geri, Diana and the rest of the staff for keeping The Eagle going after Rick left us.

James Roberts



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