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Commissioners learn about recruitment issues

County commissioners began their Tuesday meeting by approving $5,000.00 for a CPA to help with the auditor’s annual report, appointing Jason Will to the real property rights board, and renewal of the liquor license for the Cathlamet Chevron.

Chris Bischoff, director of health and human services detailed his search for a public health nurse. The current nurse is leaving the county for a job making double her current salary. He said that our salaries are roughly competitive with neighboring counties but we are not even close to the national average. He anticipated that the search for a replacement nurse would take some time. Until a replacement is found Bischoff said that the current nurse would work weekends to perform the duties required by state law and a part time position will be created to fill the position until a full time nurse can be hired. The commissioners also approved funding for a local emergency response coordinator for health and human services. This position would help the department with emergency preparedness and response.

The board approved the renewal of three grants for health and human services. The homeless grant contract which helps low income residents stay in their homes, a grant for prevention services which provides substance use disorder prevention and mental health promotion services to individuals, and finally funding for developmental disability supported employment services.

In their commissioner reports Lee Tischer said he would host commissioners from urban counties in September to show them in person the challenges faced by rural counties. He also said that in partnership with the Southwest Washington regional transportation council he has begun discussions about a bike path from Cathlamet's Strong park to Skamokawa. The path would go through the wildlife reserve and finish at Vista park.


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