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STILL PRETTY DRY--This past week saw temperatures back up in the high 80s, so it was pretty doggone toasty for September but things cooled down over the weekend; just mid 70s here, so that was quite nice. We had some brief drops of rain on Sunday and then a foggy, damp start to this work week so we got a snitch of moisture. Any of that is welcomed by my poor dried up lawn and thirsty plants! It looks like we are going to stay dry this week with those cooler but yet very nice temperatures, so we’ll see if that holds as they mentioned the possibility of rain. I guess we will have to wait and see. For those of us who would really like to see our creeks and streams with some more water in them, some rain would be most welcome.

CHECK YOUR LIGHTS--With our days getting shorter, we will be using our headlights more and more, so before winter starts, it’s good to do a light check on your vehicle to be sure all of the lights are working properly, as one needs all of them working (as well as preventing you from getting stopped by authorities). I’ve already seen a lot of “winkers” out there, as plenty of you seem to have a headlight out, so it’s a good idea to get that repaired now, and for those of you with no tail lights or brake lights, well, those can definitely cause a hazard to yourself and others. It’s time to do that walk-around to have our cars road worthy and ready for those long dark, winter days ahead!

ROAD WORK--Those who are currently fixing the huge slide area that came down south of Naselle are among those who might like it to stay dry. We have had one-lane access for some time but that road is completely closed while crews work. From what I hear, most folks are freaking out about the five week closure, which began on Sept. 11. It will be nice to have the road repaired. Folks who live here and work in Astoria will be extremely grateful for the fix; the drive around is fairly lengthy and the ferry trip for those on the west end isn’t exactly handy either, so here’s to SR-401 being repaired and back in service sooner than later!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays this coming week from Sept. 21 thru 27 are Tracy Carroll, Sam Longtain, Monte Longtain, Shona Heywood, Matthew Keilwitz, Brett Havens, Leah Clark, Michael Zurick, Marie West, Julia Ann Wright, Theresa Jacobson, Ty Nielsen, Hannes Vik, Ole Vik, Madison Zacher, Bobby Bergseng, Tammy Johnson, Mike Danker, Sue Kuller, Shannon Lewis, Michael Apperson, Rownen Vegvary, Shawn Jacob, Linda Newton, Dan Turner, Laura Norris, Ty Norris, Karla Kyle, Lori Kyle, Barbara Shaver, Larri Palmer, Atlas Palmer and Edith Erickson. Those celebrating anniversaries this coming week are Tom and Tami Bosch, Matt and Marsha Helms, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Doumit, Mr. and Mrs. John Burdick, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shannon and Ron and JoAnne Pedersen. Here’s wishing all of you a wonderful time on your special days! Don’t forget, if you want your name on the upcoming Lions Club Calendar, be sure to contact a member to get it added, like Renee Robert 360-849-4003 as well as when you’d like one removed.

COMMUNITY BREAKFAST--If you’re reading this on a Thursday morning, don’t forget to come down to the Skamokawa Grange Hall and enjoy a meal and a cup of coffee with your friends and neighbors. If you are able to help, donations of coffee, biscuits, country gravy, 8.5 inch paper plates, napkins, etc., are always welcome. If you don’t buy those sort of things, you can leave a few bucks in the donation jar.

THIS SUNDAY--The Vibes would like to invite you back to the Skamokawa Grange Hall on Sunday, Sept. 24 at 3 p.m. for a September open mic live music event! If you play an instrument or sing, come join the fun, and even if you don’t, please come tap your toes and listen in as the locals have some fun. Remember, the coffee is always on! Sign up is 2:45 p.m. and, as usual, the afternoon/evening will end with a jam session so head down to 18 Fairgrounds Road this Sunday afternoon.

HELP STILL NEEDED--If you’d like to help out the library in Cathlamet by becoming a foundation member, please contact Cathy Murphy at 360-562-5308. There are a few meetings you will need to attend but nothing too major so we hope that a couple of you book lovers will come forward to help out!

SUCCESSFUL EVENT--The big “tire roundup” that was held down in the fairgrounds park was certainly was a huge success with not hundreds, but thousands of tires dropped off that day. Wow! It certainly beats having them sitting outside becoming mosquito breeding grounds or, worse, dumped out at the end of some country road. Kudos to all of y ou who took the time to clean up your surroundings and came down to dispose of your tires responsibly.

TIME IS FLYING--We are already wrapping up the third week in yet another month; yikes! There are a few things happening soon, and one of them is the Friends of Skamokawa online auction, Oct. 7-21. Please get those donations for the auction up to the hall as soon as you can, or contact someone to come and pick them up. Prior to the auction, there will be a Friday night sneak peek on Oct. 6 from 5-7 p.m. You can check out all the items that will be up for bid prior to the online auction. It’s time to answer the call to help our beautifully restored historic Redmen Hall! Call 360-795-3007.


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