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October 19, 2023

WET BEGINNING­—It was a wet and nasty Monday morning; I hope you were all able to stay dry, while we await the drying trend that is supposed to start Tuesday and last for several days. We've had some heavy morning fog on these drier days and it is my hope that everyone will turn their headlights on both day and night while driving. It is one of the easiest ways to practice defensive driving. Making yourself more visible during these foggy and rainy, low visible times is important and takes only a quick flick of a button or switch to keep you a bit safer.

SPECIAL DAYS—This week’s birthdays include Debbie Chamberlain, Justin Garrison, Brianne Helms, Kathy McClain, Michellle Collupy, Louis Stornetta, Maddie McClain, Piper McClain, Valle Mae Ledtke, Alyssa Robert, Kristi Knowles Langston, Mary Heagy, Craig Nielson, Jacob Grasseth, Victoria Wallin, Joel Havens, Jake Schillios, Terina Davis, Trisha Farmen, Myrna Fudge Brown, Emily Elliott, Elizabeth Dahlen, Kelsey Cothren, Don Wages, Nick Vavoudis, Bill Boylan and Jennifer Kyle. Anniversaries include Mr. & Mrs. Greg Bain, R.J. and Angel Brown, Lori and Greg Parke, Jason and Rochelle Wallin, Matt and Lori Kyle and Wayne and Karen Bell. Enjoy your special days!

NEW ADDITION—We have a brand new addition to list in our anniversary section, as my grandson, Austin Good and his love, Nicole Coleman, got hitched on the sly on Oct. 6 in Provo, Utah! Woo-hoo! They had a small wedding with a few close family members and surprised the rest of us when they posted their wedding pics from the courthouse! They were dolled up and looking very stylish in their wedding attire and we couldn't be happier for them. Congratulations to the happy couple. I am happy to welcome another granddaughter-in-law to the family!

BREAKFAST/SHOEBOXES—As I’m sure you all know by now, there is a Community Breakfast down here at the Skamokawa Grange Hall every Thursday from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. and they hope to see you down there. Have a bit to eat, a cup of coffee, and some great conversation. This is a free service but donations are appreciated; if you can donate cash, supplies (like coffee or biscuits or other items) that would help out immensely. Another thing that will be taking place soon is the "Shoeboxes of Joy Wahkiakum." Season Long and her group will be wrapping shoeboxes and filling them with items to give away at Christmastime for those that may not have family around or who may not receive gifts at Christmas. Shoeboxes of Joy delivers a little box of joy during the holiday season. If you have empty shoeboxes, you can bring them with you to the community breakfast so that Season’s team can get a jump on this important project. The days are flying by. You can even fill it and wrap it yourself and bring it ready to go!

FOS AUCTION—The days are winding down for the Friends of Skamokawa “Cornucopia of Treasures” online auction—we hope you'll check out all of the dozens and dozens of great gifts and put in your bid before the evening of Oct. 21. This is a big fundraiser for them and your help in keeping the doors open at the historic Redmen Hall are vital. Check out:

BOOK SALE—Now is the time to stock up on books on your winter reading list: this Friday & Saturday, the Cathlamet Library hosts its book sale. Friday, Oct. 20 from 2-5 p.m. and again on Saturday, Oct. 21, from 12-6 p.m. For more information you can call: (360) 795-3254. Hope to see you there!

WAAG PET FOOD DRIVE—During these long winter months, pets usually need a little more food to keep them warm and healthy, so please think about heading to the Puget Island Fire Hall and dropping off food or cash donations between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Saturday. WAAG stands for "Wahkiakum Animal Advocates Group." Since the group was formed, they have saved dozens of animals. Kudos to all of them for stepping up and helping all these critters and those who love them.

THIS SATURDAY AT ST. JAMES—Bring the kids up to the Halloween Carnival at the St. James Family Center, 1134 Columbia Street, this Saturday, Oct. 21, and they can enjoy a fun time in a safe environment from 4-6 p.m. If you'd like more info, call (360) 795-8612.

MORE KIDS FUN—You can bring the kids to downtown Cathlamet the following week on Oct. 28 for the Neewollah Festival and Trunk or Treat event put on by the Chamber of Commerce. From 2-6 p.m., there will be many things to see and do; I hope it winds up being a nice day. For more info on these events, call the Chamber at (360) 795-9996.

SKAMOKAWA DOINGS—Once you get the kids completely exhausted from all their early Halloween doings on Oct. 28, it will be time for the adults to have a little fun, so head to Skamokawa Oct. 28 in your Halloween best and get ready to party at The O (8 Fairgrounds Road) beginning at 4 p.m. Steve Starlight will provide entertainment; there will be a costume contest, free pool, and beer and wine.

SHOP WITH A COP—As you know, there is always a big event or two around our area which raises money for our local law enforcement officers to take kids Christmas shopping. One of those "Shop with a Cop" events will be happening on Nov. 4 at the Duck Inn. There will be an all you can eat Italian buffet, a silent auction where you can bid on such items as a $100 gift certificate, or maybe a load of rock. You can preview items at 4 p.m. The dinner ($25) starts at 5 p.m. If you can donate items for the auction, please call (360) 795-6055 or (360) 795-3425. Let's help our kids have a great Christmas. Reserve your dinner spot for Nov. 4 right away.

BLAST FROM THE PAST—Did you know that the parking lot and the Cathlamet courthouse complex used to be the home of a movie theater? It was very popular in the 40s and 50s, until better highways and television came along, making moviegoers too scarce to keep the place going. Later, Heston Gross bought the building and turned it into a grocery store, "Gross' Market." The grocery store closed in the 70s, when the building began sporting a sign reading, "Moorage Tavern." That plan never took hold and so the building was sold to Wahkiakum County with the idea that it would be turned into a new jail. Well, as we can see, that never happened either and instead the building was torn down and the new courthouse annex and parking lot were put up instead. So, now you know—from theater, to grocery store to almost-tavern and finally...a parking lot.


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