Heston has the right stuff


October 26, 2023

To The Eagle:

Brian Heston has what it takes to be a great school board member for us (position #2), and for our future. He is involved with kids in our school now as a mentor and as a parent. He works remotely from home here in Cathlamet for an industry-leading internet-era company: Cisco. His job is troubleshooting internet connectivity issues for customers, from very high-end companies to individuals. After growing up in Kelso, he and his family could be living anywhere in the world, but they chose Cathlamet. For the schools; for our natural world. He will bring to the school board his hi-tech understanding, his training and experience in customer relations and teamwork, his love for our outdoors, and his passion for all kids’ success. Please vote yes for Brian Heston. Thank you.

Ron Wright

Mecha Mules Robotics Club Advisor

Puget Island


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