Sheriff's Report, December 7, 2023


December 7, 2023

November 27 1:10 a.m. A deputy discovered a woman and juvenile sleeping in a pickup parked at the KM transfer station. The back of the truck was filled with what appeared to be their belongings and garbage. The driver was cited for failure to insure the vehicle, failure to register the vehicle, and failure to display a license plate. 9:05 a.m. The Cathlamet ambulance aided a Cathlamet resident who may have suffered a stroke. 10:52 a.m. A trespasser was reported on a Puget Island property. A deputy responded and the individual was given a formal warning for trespassing. 4:07 p.m. A caller was suspicious about two men standing outside a white cargo van and small trailer parked along and partially blocking the eastbound lane of SR 4 in the Grays River area. 5:15 p.m. A fire alarm was activated at a Cathlamet address. The Cathlamet Fire Department responded but it turned out to be a false alarm. 5:37 p.m. A caller reported a speeding westbound vehicle weaving in and out of traffic on SR 4 near County Line Park. A deputy said the driver passed him just east of Cathlamet doing 67 mph. The driver was stopped. 5:41 p.m. A caller reported icy road conditions in Deep River. The county road department was notified. 10:53 p.m. An individual was arrested following a vehicle stop.

November 28 6:46 a.m. A caller reported that a truck had gone over an embankment an

was100 feet down a hill along Barr Road. The owner told a deputy that everyone was fine and they were working on getting a tow truck out to retrieve the vehicle that morning. 5:07 pm. The sheriff’s department received a referral from Adult Protective Services for a person in a Puget Island home.

November 29 12:54 am. A Rosedale resident reported that his water pressure was almost gone. Dispatch attempted to contact Town of Cathlamet employees, but there was no answer. Another caller reported low water pressure, and a third caller reported that a major leak at the intersection of Columbia Street and SR 4 was flooding his yard. At 1:22 p.m, a Town of Cathlamet employee responded. 6:17 p.m. The Cathlamet ambulance aided an Indian Village resident who had fallen. 9:20 a.m. A caller said the traffic signals for construction near County Line Park were malfunctioning. The Washington State Department of Transportation said they would notify the subcontractor responsible for the signals. 11:39 a.m. A caller hung up after dialing 911. Emergency personnel in Skamokawa later responded to the home to provide a lift assist. 4:26 p.m. The Cathlamet ambulance transported an individual in Skamokawa to the hospital. 4:27 p.m. A caller said she received a call from her husband saying that a man was lost in the woods in Skamokawa without warm clothing or a cell phone. At 4:35 p.m., the husband told the caller that he could hear the man down in a hole. At 5 p.m., the individual was located. The pair agreed to stop by the sheriff’s office and the man refused any kind of aid.

November 30 6:03 a.m. A Puget Island resident complained about his neighbor’s Christmas lights and lasers. 8:42 a.m. The Cathlamet ambulance aided a resident in Indian Village who was having trouble breathing. 9:33 a.m. A caller reported an abandoned vehicle on Oneida Road. 12:07 p.m. A caller said a car pulled into the driveway of her home near Nassa Point and a woman got out and asked for a lift. The woman said she was scared of her daughter, who was at the bottom of the driveway. 12:39 p.m. A caller reported a threatening message left on his phone. A deputy determined that the message did not constitute a criminal threat and no further police action was taken. 2:30 p.m. The Cathlamet ambulance assisted an ailing resident on Greenwood Road. 3:04 p.m. A person was reported missing. A deputy was able to make contact with the individual the following day. 8:10 p.m. A possible drunk driver was reported at the refuge. A deputy responded and the driver was arrested following a preliminary breath test. 9:59 p.m. An alarm was activated at a Cathlamet business. Deputies responded and found the door was not secured. Attempts were made to contact a responsible party and he was finally reached at 10:54 p.m.

December 1 1:38 a.m. A caller reported that someone who should not be in Indian Village was seen in the area. There was no restraining order. 11:20 a.m. A caller said a Puget Island resident was having a mental health crisis. 12:07 p.m. The Cathlamet ambulance transported a clinic patient who was complaining of chest pain and difficulty breathing to the hospital. 3:07 p.m. The Cathlamet ambulance aided a resident near Nassa Point who was having convulsions. 8 p.m. The Cathlamet ambulance aided a Beaver Creek resident with stomach issues.

December 2 4:07 a.m. Several power outages were reported east of Cathlamet. The PUD responded and asked for traffic control. State patrol was en route. 4:12 a.m. A caller reported that both lanes of SR 4 were blocked by a large tree near Flandersville. A little later, another caller reported debris on SR 4 near Nassa Point, and said that his truck was damaged by a tree about six inches in diameter across both lanes. He was concerned for other smaller vehicles that might be traveling in the area. At 5 a.m., a Puget Island resident reported a power outage. The PUD responded and turned off power along East Birnie Road until power was restored at 8:51 a.m. 9:10 a.m. A caller said multiple trees were down and partially blocking East Valley Road. The county road department was notified. 9:32 a.m. A caller said a tree was resting on a power line in the Rosburg area. The PUD was notified. 10:27 a.m. A caller said a tree was down and blocking Eden Valley Road. The county road department responded. 1:28 p.m. A caller reported that a boat was moved and a boat trailer was stolen from a property on Risk Road. 2:07 p.m. A parent in a custody dispute said he was being denied visitation. He requested a welfare check on the child. A deputy confirmed that the child was safe. 4:19 p.m. A caller said her purse was stolen. 10:51 p.m. A caller requested a welfare check on a person on the Puget Island bridge. A deputy made contact and the person said he was on a walk and listening to loud music. He said nothing was wrong. 11:11 p.m. A Deep River resident reported ongoing harassment from two drivers gunning their engines in front of his house and honking their horns as they sped up and down the street.

December 3 7:59 a.m. An individual was taken into custody after a person reported an assault in a Rosedale home. 11:18 a.m. A caller reported that he was getting threats via text messages. 11:21 a.m. A caller reported that a man was seen looking through the windows of their Elochoman Valley home two days earlier. 12:17 p.m. The Cathlamet ambulance aided a Puget Island resident who lost consciousness. 2:06 p.m. The owner of a Rosedale home reported that his gate had been vandalized after discovering significant damage. A deputy spoke with the person and offered extra patrols of the area. 3:16 p.m. A caller said that juveniles on ATVs were trespassing on an East Valley property. 6:23 p.m. A Rosburg resident reported hearing two shots fired and then heard pellets hit his house. 7:13 p.m. A caller in Rosedale said she could hear what sounded like a young male yelling “rape” and “help” several times. A deputy investigated and found out it was a juvenile playing video games. No law enforcement action was taken. 8:03 a.m. A welfare check was requested for a Rosedale resident. A deputy responded and determined that the person was fine. 8:08 a.m. A caller hung up after dialing 911. Dispatch tried to make contact. 11:13 p.m. The Cathlamet ambulance aided an ailing east county resident.


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