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When I think of last week, I just see Bendog, bare of all hair and so embarrassed. I took him to be groomed last Friday. They said he had to be shaved because his fur was matted. I have been watching him getting older and thinking I can't take much more of this, but then I just can't have him put down. So, I decided he needed to be groomed since he's always been so proud when people compliment him and say he's beautiful. The groomer took a long time with him because he couldn't stand up long. He knows he's not as beautiful now, but I keep telling him, he'll always be beautiful to me, no matter how he looks.

School Levy Vote

If you haven't already voted, please remember to vote on the school levy by Tuesday, the 13th. If you wonder why you should vote for it, please think of it this way: If the school doesn't get these funds, there won't be any sports programs, trips to away games, paid coaches or referees, no robotics, or other "peripheral" education activities. This levy means our students will have music, art, counselors, a part-time nurse, sports, and additional food for lunch to augment the food provided by the federal government. The funds currently held by the school are restricted so approval of the levy is vital. Please vote and please vote yes!

Photo of the Week

Brinley Lopez. She's 18 months old and has had a rough start in life. The day before Thanksgiving, she collapsed. Her parents, Tommy Lopez and Hayley Footh, took her immediately to CMH in Astoria and from there she was sent by Life Flight to OSU where she was diagnosed with Type 1 Infantile Diabetes. She was kept in the hospital several days while her mother was taught how to care for her. She will need insulin for the rest of her life.

Hayley reported that, "Brinley takes the shots well. She is used to them now and doesn't think anything about it." What a blessing that must be. Brinley's grandparents, Paul and Nikki Footh, and her grandparents, John and Frieda Footh, all are thrilled that she is now healthy and happy.

The main concern is that her hospital bills have been expensive and hard to keep up with.

Fundraising Meal

So, the American Legion and the Rosburg Community Club are sponsoring a fundraising meal at the Rosburg Hall on Saturday, February 10 from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. featuring oysters, chicken wings, meatballs, salad, dessert and coffee for $12.50. All proceeds will go to help pay Brinley's hospital bills. If you are not able to attend, and/or if you want to take a tax deduction for your gift, make your check out to RCC (Rosburg Community Club) and write Brinley on the memo line. If you want to donate cash, that's fine, too, of course.

If you can't attend, send your checks to Rosburg Community Club at PO Box 332, Naselle WA 98638. But hopefully, you will be there in person and join others in the community who wish the family well and want to help.

Valentine's Day Crafts Class

Denise Blanchard is offering a crafts class for Valentine's Day for kids at Johnson Park on Saturday from 1-3 p.m. There is a limit of 10 kids so register with Denise by calling 360-355-0472. Denise has a cute project for them that mothers and dads will love receiving.

Marshall Blanchard: Denise reported that her husband, Marshall Blanchard, fell a few days ago on the job in Longview, then borrowed a pickup from the shop and took himself off to the emergency room. After he was released he drove the pickup back and finished the job. I truly believe there are few of us who are as tough and determined as Marshall. I hope you're doing well, my friend, and keepin' everyone rollin' in the woods. There is no better equipment repairman than Marshall. And all the log truck drivers, owners and operators said, "Amen."

New Membership at Cathlamet Library

All who want to use the Cathlamet Library can now get a free library card. Previously, the cost has been $10 for those who live in the County, but a new policy makes it free for all of us. That's good news.

Brownsmead Flats

Remember that on Sunday, Feb. 18, the groupBrownsmead Flats will be performing at the Naselle Community Center on Parpala Road at 3 p.m. The cost will be donations at the door to help support the Community Center. That should be a great concert, so hope to see you there.

Beekeeping Class

Please note the upcoming Beekeeping class at Naselle Timberland Library February 16, taught by Julie Tennis. Call the library at (360) 539-3327 for more information. Andrea Vincent gave me a sample of her homemade honey for Christmas and it was fabulous, so let's get more bee boxes in our gardens. so we can buy more honey from our own area.

Calendar of Events

Mondays/Wednesdays: Balance Class Naselle Community Center 3-4 p.m.

Second Monday: American Legion at Rosburg Hall, meal at 6 p.m. Meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Tuesdays: Naselle Lutheran Church: quilters in morning/ knitters in afternoons.

Third Tuesday: Naselle/GRV School Board 6:30 p.m. Next on Feb. 20 in School Library.

Wednesdays: AA meeting at Grays River Grange at noon.

Second Wednesday of the month: Grays River Flood Control District at Fire Hall 5:30 p.m.

First and third Wednesdays each month: RCC Senior Lunch at Rosburg Hall on Feb. 21.

Thursdays every week: CAP senior lunches at noon at Rosburg Hall. Joel Fitts recommends it.

Second Thursday: Johnson Park Board meeting at 10 a.m.

February 10: Valentine's Day Craft Class with Denise Blanchard at Johnson Park from 1-3 p.m.

February 10: Fundraising meal at Rosburg Hall for Brinley Footh from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Donations of $12 or more are suggested to help with expenses. Sponsored by American Legion and RCC.

February 13: Naselle GRV School Levy Vote. Please vote to support our kids.

Feb. 16: Beekeeping class at Naselle Library taught by Julie Tennis Call Library 360-539-3327.

February 18: Brownsmead Flats at Naselle Community Centerr at 3 p.m. Donations at the door.

February 24: Memorial Reception for Dale Dutcher at Rosburg Hall from 1-4 p.m.

April 7: Memorial service for Darlene Bjornsgard at Naselle school. Time not set yet.

Word for the week: Babies.


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