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February 15, 2024

VALENTINE’S DAY IS OVER! As I write this, I’m looking forward to going out to dinner at one of our local restaurants with friends for Valentine’s Day but of course, by the time you read this, the big holiday will be over. I’m hoping you had a good time and I’ll be anxious to hear from you about what you did and maybe what your somebody special did extra special for you that you’d like to share with others.

LOOKING WET. We had a half-and-half weekend, with Saturday being much drier than Sunday, when most folks were by their televisions anyway—the timing worked out just right! This coming week looks more wet than dry but at least there's a break in between the wet days so that's always good, since it not only cheers us up a bit, it also keeps us from flooding. Win, win! Keep your boots and umbrellas handy, however.

BIG GAME. Did your team win the Super Bowl? I know a lot of people who weren't happy with the outcome, but you have to admit, it was a neck-and-neck game with it going into overtime. It kept you on the edge of your seat, that's for sure. There's nothing more boring than watching a game where one has a forty-point lead. Anyway, heart breaking for the losing team as it only took a couple of miscues to change the outcome of the game.

SPECIAL DAYS. Those celebrating birthdays this week are Vickie Reid, Jade Mahitka, Brody Brown, Sara Buennagel, Allie Helms-Lampitt, Alyssa Stratton, Ashellie Elfers, Cindy Grasseth, Rebecca Costillo, Austin Havens, Selah Hoven, Jan Caliman, Melody Brown, Eila Cothren, Christa Hoven, Alex Vegvary, Derek Phipps, Angela Stensland, Milli Elven, Angel Thompson, Kris Baldwin, MacKenzie Pedersen, Morgan Spieth, Justin McCarthy, David Pedersen Jr. and 67er Pamela Lazor. Celebrating anniversaries are Mr. and Mrs. Troy Gorley, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Leitz, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Weidermann, and belated anniversary wishes to Ron & Elain Britt who celebrated their big day on Valentine's Day and somehow got overlooked!

NEW ADDITION. At the beginning of this month, Leah and Mike Clark were thrilled to be heading to Idaho where they got to meet their new grand-daughter, Emma Lorentz, after daughter Evelyn and her husband Jason became parents for the first time. You may recall that in 2019 Evelyn was Miss Washington USA. She was absolutely stunning as our representative going into that big competition. She married the love of her life, Jason, in September of 2021 and was a gorgeous bride. Now it's 2024 and she has one of the best winning roles yet. that of a beautiful mom. We are so happy for her and her new family of three. Congratulations to all!

BINGO TIME. This Saturday, Feb. 17, it's time to head to the Norse Hall on Puget Island and enjoy some bingo. Please note that the doors to the hall’s lower level will be open at 5:30 p.m. and games will begin at 6 p.m. Head that way to meet new folks in the area, and also maybe you'll bring home some of those cash prizes!

CRAB FEED SOLD OUT. Also on Puget Island this week, the Crab and Oyster Feed held by the Chamber of Commerce this Saturday evening. Ticket holders should head to 381 W Bernie Slough Road to get your fill of that tasty seafood. Have a good time everybody!

COMING UP. If you are into growing your own veggies and gardening, check out the free seed exchange event that will take place on March 2 from 10 a.m. to noon, at the River Street meeting room. (next to the Public Utilities District). This is a Wahkiakum County WSU Extension program that is sponsored by the WSU Master Gardeners. They will be there to give advice. You can also get free vegetable seeds and discover out all the things you want to know about gardening. If you are new here, it also helps to know how different it is to grow things in our area with the extra rain and different soil conditions, so I hope that you come down and check this out at 25 River Street Suite D on March 2nd.

WEDNESDAY MEETINGS. One new group meeting up on Wednesdays is the Cathlamet Senior Friendship Group. They meet at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church on Puget Island from noon to 3 p.m. Since they had a nice group show up for their meet and greet on Feb. 7, they've gathered information, and have come up with quite a list of things that people want to see happen, from playing cards to crafts, to garden tours, and lots more, so if you'd like to meet some new folks and take part in some of their activities, stop on by. Of course, you don't have to join any specific group if you don't want to; maybe it's simply time for you to come and enjoy a cup of coffee or a cookie, and visit with other seniors in the area. Founding member of this group, Nancy Nelson, wants to be sure that everyone knows that holding these weekly gatherings in the church basement has been made possible by Pastor Jeff Driscoll and his congregation. They are very thankful to them for their generosity.

IN SKAMOKAWA. On Thursdays, the free community breakfast is held at the Skamokawa Grange Hall from 10 a.m. to noon. If you'd like, head this way and enjoy some coffee and food. You can even bring a little something to share. This is a good time to just sit and gab with your fellow friends and neighbors or other folks as all are welcome, no matter their age.



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