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To The Eagle,

As Sheriff of this County, I stay away from publicly commenting on Town of Cathlamet politics as much as possible, but on certain occasions and in the name of truth and correcting misconceptions, I must speak. I believe the attack on the current mayor with censorship on his "behaviour" (a Canadian spelling of the word), is misleading at best, and bullying at worst. I have witnessed or have been present on several occasions where the rude, disrespectful, aggressive, and hostile behavior from a councilman was almost too much to bear. I urge and encourage townspeople and even county folks who care about government and the way their tax dollars are being spent by hours on end in verbal attacks toward others, to attend the council meetings online or in person. Witness for yourselves the toxicity and dysfunction exhibited regularly towards the mayor and other government officials. You can see this for yourself firsthand by submitting a public disclosure request for video recordings online to the Town of Cathlamet. Specific dates to include January 22nd, 2024 all the way through the present. See both sides and judge for yourself where this toxic hostility comes from. Public service is just that, public service. Not self service.

Mark Howie


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gomer1947 writes:

BRAVO!, Sheriff Howie!

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