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Brad Allen Williams

Brad Allen Williams was the first-born twin of mother, Sandra Williams, on September 24, 1967 in Torrance, California. His brother, Brian, was welcomed into this world less than an hour later. The fact that Brad was some 50 minutes older than Brain was something he always, good-heartedly, never let Brian forget.

Brad’s parents, Sandra and Allen Williams divorced in 1969 and Sandra married David Contreras. Along with David’s son, Michael, a new family of five was formed. Brad and his family moved to Puget Island in 1973 where Brad attended J.A. Wendt grade school in Cathlamet. Brad had many fond memories of his early years on Puget Island, being taught to swim by his step-father, David, who threw he and his brother, Brian, into Welcome Slough with the instructions “Sink or swim. It’s up to you.” They both did, indeed, learn to swim and spent many hours from that day forward swimming, boating, biking, exploring, and in Brad’s case: barn clearing. In 1975, Brad and his family returned to the South Bay area where his step-father, David, started a towing business in Redondo Beach. The business became a successful one and it was here that Brad began his love affair with anything with an engine. This love affair would see him through many different vehicles throughout his life, with a particular fondness for fast boats and the boating life in and around the Colorado River and Parker, AZ. After graduating from high school, Brad found his way into a job as a framer, eventually starting his own framing business in his early 30s. His business grew and Brad became a successful and well-respected contractor in the Sound Bay area. But, as anyone can attest, life holds many surprises: some good, some bad, and Brad experienced his share of both. In 2021 Brad moved back to Puget Island to be with his mom who had moved up the previous year. A life lived, at times, on the edge, had left Brad’s health in a serious state and he told himself that he moved back up here to die, which he nearly did. However, thanks to some excellent medical care at OHSU in Portland, Brad’s health issues were turned around and he began his road to recovery. He became his doctor’s Miracle Boy and they were amazed at his recovery. After getting his health back in order and with a renewed lease on life, Brad returned to what he knew: being a contractor. Performing several jobs locally, he began making a name for himself once again as a quality contractor in and around the Cathlamet area. He eventually joined forces with another local, Kent McDaniel, to open Nordic Construction. And while Brad is no longer with us, Nordic Construction continues to be the successful business that Brad built, based on his high quality of work and his commitment to his clients.

Brad was preceded in death by his father Allen Williams; his step-father, David Contreras; and his grandparents, Ralph and Jean Kenner, whom he cherished immensely.

He is survived by his Mother, Sandra Contreras; twin brother, Brian; his older brother, Michael Contreras; younger sister, Tanya (Contreras) Sharpe; and many aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Graveside services for Brad will take place on Saturday, April 20 th at noon, followed by a celebration of his life at Salt & Tomato/RM 38 at 1:00 p.m.


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