Established as The Skamokawa Eagle in 1891

Times have changed?

To The Eagle,

I was born and raised in Cathlamet, moved to Portland after graduation and worked in Portland and and Vancouver. I moved to Long Beach Washington in 1995 and worked there for 25 years. In 2020 I retired and moved back to my hometown of Cathlamet. I like to remember how things were 60 years ago. They were good times. But things do change, and we have to respect those changes. We also must respect those who have lived in this town all their lives. There are certain things that are not going to change and one of them is the lifestyle that these old-timers have lived. I’m practically new to Cathlamet since I was gone for so long. But I respect the old-timers way of life and I can respect a way of life newcomers want to live, but don’t preach your way of life and try to change on old-timers way of life because this is their town. They have lived in this one place most of their lives and their parents, my parents, my grandparents and others built and established this town to keep it growing into what it is today. If you moved from Portland or Seattle to get out of the big city and settle in a small town, that’s fine. But if you left the big city life behind and can’t adjust to our way of life in our little town then move back to Seattle or Portland where you also hear gunfire. But it is not gunfire shooting animals, it is gunfire shooting people.

Sue Bussone-Johnson


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