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Town Council

In a Brief two hour and fifteen-minute meeting Monday the Town Council discussed several topics. In the public comment period, the Town Council read a letter asking the council not to cut down the large conifer tree that is damaging the the sidewalk at Strong Park. In the plan for the improvements to the park the tree is scheduled to be cut down. Because the tree is directly in front of the walking bridge the council members said that there were few options for saving the tree.

Sarah Clark the council’s clerk asked the council if they would like to have a policy on marijuana dispensaries. If the town allows dispensaries, even if they do not have one, the town could receive some tax revenue. If the town had a dispensary they would get an even more tax revenue. Several council members pointed out that because of restrictions on proximity to schools and other prohibited businesses that is might not be possible to have a marijuana dispensary in town. After some discussion the council decided to look into the matter to see how much tax revenue a dispensary could bring in.

Council member Hendrickson urged the council to finish a town comprehensive plan. There was a long discussion about a plan that was never finished, and if the data used in it was still relevant. Hendrickson asked the council if they were willing to set aside a few minutes of each meeting to work on topics that could be part of a comprehensive plan. The council agreed to take another look at developing a plan.


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