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DRIZZLE. As another week begins, we've got a very damp Sunday going on, which actually worked out okay, as with all that nice weather, it was definitely time to get out there and do some yardwork and I "feel it" all over...ha! So, this drizzle saved me from going out and doing more work that my body would just as soon not do, so here I am....sitting inside, nice and dry. The forecast is showing more cloudiness and some mild temps, so that suits me just fine. The one day that it got up in the 90's here was just a tad bit much for me! Here's hoping for some decent but not too hot weather this coming week!

SPECIAL DAYS. Those celebrating birthdays this coming week from June 13 thru 19 are: Bailey Havens, Robert Montgomery, Mike McLaughlin, Terri Elfers, Jason Ledtke, Kylee Souvenir, Gina Robbins, Lacey Vik, Shane Kehrli, Sarah Phillips, Mike Paulsen Jr., Brienne Howell, Ava Wilson, Lore Twiet, Tom Parker, Ian Keith Rutledge, Kelsey Briscoe, Amy Horman, Nikolas Almer, Dean Snyder, Karen Blain, Kristian Pedersen, Bailey Pedersen, Sandra Hess, Palmer Shank and 67'ers: Noni Meredith and Marcia Rich Hage. Celebrating their anniversaries this week are: Jack and Sherrolin Powell, Stewart and Ginger Moonen, Joel and Jammie Spangle, Mr. and Mrs. Justin Watkins and Chris and Lacey Johnson. Enjoy your special days everybody!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY. Well, another special day that is coming up this Sunday, is Father’s Day, so I do hope you're treating that special guy in your life to an extra special day! There will definitely be dinners designed just for Dads served at our local restaurants, so I do hope you'll support our local eateries while celebrating this wonderful day that's being set aside for all the men who are such great Dads. A big shout out to all of them...."Happy Father's Day"....enjoy your day!

FLYING BY. By this weekend, we'll once again be saying that half of this month is gone already and that just seems unbelievable! I don't know about you but I'm really wishing that ole Father Time would slow down a bit as when the end of this month comes, that means half the year is over and I'm way behind on all those chores I was going to have done by now...ha! In the mean time, I hope you will remember to check out the weekly events we have going on, like the Senior Friendship Group that meets in the basement of Our Saviors Lutheran Church on Puget Island every Wednesday from 12-3, and the Community Breakfast that is held down here at the Skamokawa Grange Hall every Thursday from 10 to Noon and of course, the newly opened Street Market at the Elochoman Slough Marina from 3:30 to 6:30 every Friday.....a great place to buy some things now and stick them away for Christmas, while supporting our local folks!! Here in Skamokawa, the River Life Interpretive Center is open every weekend as well, and with Father's Day coming, it's a good time to check out the books, food items, hats and more that would make great gifts for that special man in your it your Dad or your's definitely time to shop!!

BERRIES DEADLINE. I do hope you've been able to get your frozen berry order in if you want some, as next Tuesday, June 18 is the deadline day, so if you haven't ordered those strawberries, raspberries, blackberries or blueberries yet, call 360-355-0871 right away. They will be delivering them on June 22 at 10, at one of the three pickup spots that you choose. This is a fund raiser for the Wahkiakum Lions Club so it's a great way to support them and get yourself some ready to use frozen berries!

PIGYS NEXT WEEK. I guess you know, that the Puget Island Garage and Yard Sale is coming up soon, as in next Friday thru Sunday, June 21-23, so I hope you've got your things together and are taking part in this fun event. If you live on Puget Island or need to be traveling on those roadways, please be extra watchful of "shoppers" as they will be driving slower and looking for those sales and parking places, so please be patient and let's have a safe garage and yard sale once again. Also, please remember to keep your vehicles clear of all mail boxes so that folks don't wind up getting their mail delayed because it could not be delivered. Plus, don't forget to give yourself a little rest and a bite to eat by stopping by the Norse Hall and enjoying a pulled pork sandwich or a hot dog on either Friday or Saturday between 11 to 2 pm. I understand there will be some sale tables there as well, so stop by 444 SR 409 and support the Sons of Norway. The chairperson for this event is Linda Wright so if you have questions, contact her. SON president is Jan Silvestri and she can be reached at: 360-431-1705

LITTLE CORRECTION. Awhile back I mentioned that I'd gotten a message from Bev England about a family member who had passed away. I copied what she had printed out to me but it seems "auto fill" changed the name so it should have said that it was her cousin, Bill Pedersen that passed away on May 2 in Centralia, not "Bob", sorry for any confusion.

GREAT GATHERING. Well I was having some technical difficulties last week, so I didn't dare write too much for fear it would disappear into the great unknown of the internet "somewhere land", but things appear to be working better today, so I will yak a bit about the great time that members of the WHS Class of 1967 had earlier this month when we met up at the Duck Inn. We usually meet up every year in July but we added on this special gathering because Sharon (Stout) and Paul Kowalski were here in town from Waterloo, Indiana and since we hadn't seen her since the sixties, it was definitely a wonderful time to meet up. It just so happened that way back in 1967, this class actually graduated on that very same date, June 1, so that was kind of cool I thought, as fifty-seven years later, here we were gabbing away and trying to fathom where all that time went. For Sharon, it meant she left Cathlamet right away as she got married the following day, so there were some big changes in her life right away. Sharon had a busy, happy life with Billy Joe Servis and they had a son together, but sadly Billy passed away after fifty-five years together. However, we were happy to hear that she got remarried, and she and Paul are really an inspiration to us all, as not only are they both active in the church, they also have a passion for music and have their own duo: "Chappy and Revvy", which stands for Chaplain Paul and Reverend Sharon Rose....cute! They perform for many people in many settings, like Senior living places and special religious events like the "Day of Prayer" celebration and more, so they make a great couple. They also hold exercise classes called "Silver Sneakers" for those folks in the older age bracket and it certainly appears that these two benefit from all their positivity and various activities. Those who were able to enjoy sharing lunch with the couple were: Keith and Karen Lawrence, David and Kathi West, Jim and Anne Schrager Hill, Marcia Rich Hage, Nancy Jacobson Brady, Don Seaberg with his sister, Cindy Faubion, Dale Jacobson and Bonnie, Judy Lindwall Bergman, Marnee Ostervold Davis, Linda Holland Toste and yours truly, Kay Pedersen Chamberlain. Our usual, yearly class reunion will be held July 20 at Dale's. Kudos to the staff at the Duck Inn for the great food and great service. Also, a special shout out to Crystal for putting up with all of us old timers who seemed to have a tough time remembering what they ordered...ha!


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