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Waterfront park update

The Cathlamet Town Council is thrilled to announce that the Town of Cathlamet has been awarded two grants totaling $583,420 to restore and develop the last piece of town-owned waterfront property, located near the marina, into a beautiful and accessible seven-acre recreational space. This is a multi-phased project which aims to create a serene area for both locals and visitors to relax and enjoy the stunning views of the Columbia River.

Given our community's limited outdoor recreational spaces, we conducted various surveys and workshops to ensure that the design reflected the communities’ interests. This project will blend passive and active amenities, expanding the existing Strong Park into a larger, high-quality waterfront park that is safe and accessible for everyone. Key developments will include renovating existing paths, installing path lighting, enhancing the natural wetlands by removing invasive species and replanting native shrubs, constructing a public restroom and picnic shelter, and developing community flex space.

We are currently in the engineering phase and working with a local contractor to finish filling the old sewer lagoons. This will create a more even and level ground, which is essential for our next steps. Once the filling and grading are completed, we will proceed with installing utilities.

In Phase One, we are focusing on repairing the path at Strong Park, creating additional walking paths, installing pathway lighting, constructing a picnic shelter and restroom, and removing invasive species while planting native vegetation.

We are excited about the transformation this project will bring to our community and look forward to your continued support and involvement. Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm as we work together to enhance our town’s natural beauty and recreational offerings. We anticipate construction will begin next summer with Phase 1 completed by the end of 2025.

To view the engineer design or for project updates, please visit:


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