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  • CL-415 Super Scoopers aid in fighting fire near Pe Ell

    Jamie J. Brown|Jul 17, 2024

    A wildfire broke out six miles south of Pe Ell on Friday, July 12 around 12:30 p.m. The Donkey Fire is currently 38 acres and 87 percent contained as of July 16. The fire is in steep, timbered terrain and the cause has not been announced, though Statesman Journal data reports it is a human incident. Skamokawa residents noticed the "Super Scooper" planes Friday afternoon moving water from the Columbia River north for several hours to mitigate the growing fire, located only 6.8 miles north of...

  • Wahkiakum welcomes interim superintendent

    Jamie J. Brown|Jul 17, 2024

    There is a new leader at the helm of Wahkiakum School District who has already dove in and immersed himself in the duties of the superintendent role prior to his contracted start day. The district welcomed Ric Palmer, who will be serving as an interim over the next school year while we undergo an in-depth superintendent search moving forward. Wahkiakum School District Board of Education approved Palmer as the new interim at their regular June meeting and he will work at an hourly contract basis. Five candidates were originally interviewed for...

  • Teatime in the garden, for your plants

    Jamie J. Brown|Jul 11, 2024

    The heat wave we had offered a big boost to our gardens growth, and encouraged the faithful growers that summer has indeed arrived. The boost in vitamin D comes at a cost for both human and plant life as the intense heat can quickly sap the energy from all of us. While you are looking for a nice shady spot to enjoy an icy glass of tea, don’t forget to offer teatime to your garden as well. Tea leaves in the garden offer a healthy boost to plants and work to deter pests. It encourages healthy leaf growth with a boost of nitrogen, potassium, a...

  • Artisanal Mastery: bread and bounty

    Jamie J. Brown|Jul 11, 2024

    An image of a rich, flakey croissant caught my eye, leaving me intrigued by the taste and the artist behind the masterpiece. The social media post did just as it had intended and lured me in for more than just a bite. Don and Kitty Speranza at Crippen Creek Farm are the chefs' extraordinaire behind the tasty images that caught my attention on a Puget Island Gardens post. The Speranzas have received a cottage license from Washington state, allowing them to sell their baked goods to the public at unique venues that offer pop-up opportunities,...

  • River of Life: Exploring the History of Dairy

    Jamie J. Brown|Jul 11, 2024

    The Skamokawa Valley, nestled in the heart of Wahkiakum County, is not only renowned for its picturesque vistas on the Columbia River and its vibrant location on Highway 4, but also for its rich dairy history, which flows like a river through the region’s cultural and economic landscape. From its early settlement as a logging community, the rich landscape includes the tradition of dairy farming. The Skamokawa Valley’s dairy history is a tale of resilience, innovation, and community. The Riv...

  • Wahkiakum school district adopts a four day week

    Jamie J. Brown|Jul 4, 2024

    The Wahkiakum School District received a stamp of approval for the Economy and Efficiency Waiver (WAC 180-18-030) by Washington OSPI (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction) on June 28th. The Board of Education submitted the application following the June meeting and have been eagerly awaiting the announcement. Washington raised the waiver allotment from 10 to 30 this year. Wahkiakum is one of several districts that applied for the waiver. According to OSPI’s website, “part of the basic education requirements in Washington state mus...

  • Tops and Tails in the Garden

    Jamie J. Brown|Jul 4, 2024

    It’s easy to stereotype common veggies and fruits growing in the garden to fit a specific culinary repertoire. Potatoes are mashers, lettuce makes a beautiful salad and corn is best eaten from the cobb. These norms hardly use some of our most common produce to the best of their abilities. This especially goes for those that grow beautiful tops above the ground, while their eaten counterpart digs deep within the earth. Carrots, radishes and other root vegetables are those mysterious garden anomalies that rarely are eaten for anything more t...

  • Student Leaders Explore Nation's Capital

    Jamie J. Brown|Jul 4, 2024

    John C Thomas Middle School students recently explored the nation’s capital and the Big Apple June 17th-21st. Carrie Badger, the PE and Leadership teacher at JC Thomas, chaperoned Ryan Hurley, Shiloh Hoven, Abigail McKay-Beech, and Elias Cochran on the 5-day adventure. They joined students from Warrenton, OR, South Dakota, and California on a quest to learn about the nation’s history and see iconic monuments through WorldStrides, an experiential learning program. WorldStrides organizes opp...

  • Fun run for a fun cause

    Jamie J. Brown|Jun 27, 2024

    The 3rd Annual Terry Bonny Fun Run and Walk is set to take place July 20th, in conjunction with Bald Eagle Days. This fun run and walk is for a fun cause; to support the Wahkiakum Track and Field team. It is organized and run by high school track coach Tina Merz who is a veteran track coach to the program. This year’s theme for Bald Eagle Days is “Wings Over Wahkiakum,” which will be adopted by the fun run on a sky-blue T-shirt and our track Mule mascot sporting the iconic winged running gear....

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