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March 30, 2017

SOGGY--As this week begins, it's a very soggy Sunday indeed. Saturday saw some breaks in the rain at least, but if you ask me, Sunday was just a good day to hunker down and stay put inside where it was nice and dry! The week looks to be fairly soggy until we possibly get a dry day on Friday, so we'll keep our fingers crossed that we can shed the rain gear and boots and soak in some sun rays as this third month of the year comes to an end; it's flying by!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from March 30-April 5 are Leif Carroll, Linda McClain, Mike Carroll, Vaal Gribskov, Pam Emery, Bob Brons, Crystal Davis, Ron Rust Sr., Phil Rolf, George Trott, Paul Vik, Marissa Longtain, Michaela Phillips, Karen Bell, Mikayla Bell, Nathan Pedersen, Jeremy Pedersen and 67'er Keith Lawrence. I believe I left out 67'er Melvin Brown in my column last week, as he celebrated his birthday at the beginning of this work week. Sorry about that; happy belated wishes to you Melvin!

Happy Anniversary wishes this week go out to Mr. and Mrs. Brian McClain, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Phelan and Scott and Deanna Ahrndt. Enjoy your special days!

FRIDAY MOVIE--The Community Center in Cathlamet is offering another adult movie this Friday evening beginning at 7 p.m., and it is a drama. Contact the center, located at 101 Main Street, for further information or call 795-7870 during daytime, opening hours, which are Monday through Wednesday from 9 a.m., to 1 p.m., Thursday from 9 a.m., until noon and then Friday, 11 a.m., to 1 p.m.

SPRING SPORTS--It's a busy time for our local athletes, so here's wishing them the best as they compete in their sport of choice. The Mule Track and Field team will be at Napavine today, March 30. The Mule Golf team will be at Life Christian today. The varsity baseball team will be at Adna today at 4 p.m., so March 30 is a very busy day indeed. The next time a Mule team plays anything, it will not be until April 8 at Winlock at noon with the varsity baseball team. Go Mules!

EXHIBIT OPENS SUNDAY--The Friends of Skamokawa are inviting you to come up and see their latest exhibit in the River Life Interpretive Center at the historic, Redmen Hall here in Skamokawa, which begins this Sunday, April 2 at 1 p.m. The date was originally planned for Saturday but changed due to the service for Stan Thacker that day. "Moments of Reflection" will feature the beautiful photography of Laurie Michaels, Megan Blackburn and Teddy Townsend, and they will be there on opening day, so with these talented photographers there, along with their work, it's a great time to come up and meet them, enjoy this new exhibit and enjoy some refreshments as well.

This is also going to be the last exhibit arranged and overseen by Jill Hatier and we commend her for her many years of doing this, and we hope she gets to enjoy some free time now. If you're an energetic, responsible and visionary person who would love to take over this creative job, then why not call the hall and let members of the FOS know you'd like to have a hand in presenting various art forms at the hall. Call 795-3007 and let them know.

If you're new to the area, the hall is in downtown Skamokawa, on the hill across from the Skamokwa Resort and General Store. The building was originally the Central School and has changed hands several times over the years but since the mid-80's, it's been owned and operated by the Friends of Skamokawa. They have worked very hard to restore and maintain this historic building. Your support is truly welcomed!

SATURDAY SERVICES--The memorial service for Stan Thacker will take place at the Skamokawa Grange Hall, this Saturday, April first at 3 p.m. Stan had a big heart and a ready smile and he will never be forgotten. I'm sure his family would love to hear from those whose lives were touched by Stan and maybe share a funny story or two about those times you shared with him.

DERBY BEGINS--Tomorrow, Friday March 31, the Spring Salmon Derby will begin at 4:30 a.m., to 5 p.m., and end on Saturday, April 1 at 5 p.m. All the fun begins at the Elochoman Marina, so buy those tickets now to take part in this fun fishing event, and here's hoping you all have great luck catching that monster fish and winning a great prize!

While you're down by the marina anyway, don't forget to stop by the 38 River Mile Brewery on April 1, to help them celebrate their third birthday!

NOT TOO FAR OFF--On April 15, which is only a couple of weeks away, the Roadkill Saloon will host a "Bunny Hop" Car Show and Shine, so if you want to take part in that, contact Ric and April Murdock at the Saloon from Wed. through Sunday, or give them a call at Ric #1-503-329-1717 or April at 1-360-606-0179.

We are pleased to have the Murdocks as one of our newest sponsors of the Wahkiakum Dollars for Scholars Rod and Reel Rod Run, which takes place June 3.

FEELING BETTER--We were happy to hear that Judy Garrison is feeling much better now, as she had to be hospitalized and was really struggling there for awhile so we were happy to hear she was alert and talking and doing without all those breathing tubes, etc., so that was super news! We hope she continues to feel better and gets to stay away from those hospitals for awhile!

SAD NEWS--I learned that former Wahkiakum resident, Myrna Fudge Brown and her husband, lost their daughter, Talitha Lee this past week and I was so sorry to hear this news. While the couple now live in North Carolina, many of you may remember Myrna as she went to school here and was a 1962 WHS graduate. She was the daughter of Andy and Ruth Fudge, who also had three other children, Loretta, Martin and Don. I knew them because my folks were good friends, went to the same church and I had stayed with them a couple of summers while my folks were in Alaska. I only got to meet Talitha once, but she was truly a lovely young woman. Our sympathies are extended to Myrna and her entire family over their loss of a daughter who was gone all too soon.

GREAT TIME--There were lots of folks at the "super sale" in the Grays River Valley Center at Johnson Park last Saturday and along with friends, Mary and Connie, I was one of them. That is certainly a great place to hold a big sale and there were lots of folks selling their wares. If you headed down the hall, you made it to the kitchen/cafeteria area and by golly, there was some good looking baked goods there! It was all about the rolls and baklava for my friends and it was rhubarb pie for me! I have to tell you, that was really a perfect pie, with a light flaky crust, a filling that was not too sweet or too tart and the price was just right too, so whoever did the pie baking, well, you made a big hit with this family!

CELEBRATED--There was a nice photo of Morgan Spieth in the photo gallery of the Sacramento State Softball's game against Weber State, as she enjoyed celebrating her home run with her team this past Saturday. She's had four home runs so far, so this freshmen is doing a great job! "Mo" is the daughter of Larry and Linda (Palmer) Spieth and Linda is the daughter of my first cousin, Donna (Healy) and Glenn Palmer, so she had a lot of family members celebrating with her!

DIFFERING RESULTS--Lately there has been a lot of attention on getting DNA results done and after I got an DNA kit for a gift, I was one of those that eagerly awaited the results. What I didn't realize was that my notion of DNA results was not exactly how I thought it would be. I mean, if all my siblings came from the same parents, and if my Dad was 100 percent something, and if my Mother was 50/50 something else, well, then I thought I would be 50 percent my Dad and 25 percent each of my Mother's "whatever" and so would all my siblings. But, for the same reason that kids of the same parents look different, like one is short and one is tall and one is dark haired and one is fair haired, well, then the odds are that you will not have the same DNA makeup like you assumed. Or at least, like I assumed. So, my theory of being half my Mom and half my Dad was totally out the window! When you look more like your Mom, you may possibly be more of her and less of your Dad, and vice versa. Which means, if your Mom was more like her Mom and less of her Dad, then, things start going down in percentages, get it? Well, it is a complex deal and you should know that there are actually two major types of geneaolgical DNA tests, so you might be doing the Admixture Ancestry test or you could do the Lineal Ancestry test; both different. I'm no scientist so you'll have to look all that stuff up and decipher it yourself, but it's all very interesting and even a tad bit surprising at times!

OUT OF THE PAST--This week back in 1947, the week began with three showery days, before a couple of very nice days, but then turned nasty and got very wet and very cold. Ralph and Elsie made it home from their trip to Seattle with the Krist Pedersens and stopped for dinner at the Double 63 Inn before making it all the way home. Beings it was 11:30 by then, it had been a very long day indeed. Some gal friends of Marian Everest Healy had an early party for her and she got some nice gifts and enjoyed a tasty cake. April Fool's Day was very nice and Ralph and Frank Pedersen enjoyed some new treats from their folks, as Ralph got a new bat and baseball and Frank got a new bicycle; they were happy boys! On April 2, Marian Healy turned 29 and she went shopping in Longview with Pearl in the morning and then in the evening hours, was surprised by her sister, Carol and family with a pineapple upside down cake and ice cream. George Everest had to go to Renton with the PUD truck to pick up some supplies but the truck broke down in Olympia with a broken axle, so it was a long day for him; 21 hours of work! There was a big stir in the telephone business world as they were announcing a rate hike that week. However, beings rates had not been raised since 1919, and in some areas, not since 1907, well, it was well past time to do so. Most changes were going to affect the Longview/Kelso area. An individual resdience line would go up from 3 dollars to $3.75, and a two party line would go from $2.50 to $3.25. Individual businesses would take the biggest hit, as they would go from $4.25 to $7.75. Service connection fees would go from $3 to $5 for a home and $3.50 to $6 for a business. It was a sad week, as both Mrs. Harper and Mrs. Sorenson passed away.

This week back in 1957, March ended quite wet, and April began nice but unfortunately, that didn't last and the rains returned and then it got real cold, so that the last day of the week, there was snow covering all the Oregon hilltops that evening. The month ended with the news that Otto Tover had passed away. Marian Healy was greeted with flowers and a birthday cake when her sister Carol stopped by with Ruth Fudge on April 2. It was a busy time at the Everest house as Mrs. Gill stopped by and left some eggs, and John West came by and dropped off some rhubarb plants, and Edna Syder came by while she was on the cancer drive and stayed for a couple hour visit! Later that same day, Helen (Danielsen) Rust came by with her sons, and she told Grandma Elsie that they liked their new home in Seattle. She said that her Mother sold their house to Arnet (son) and Enis Danielsen. Marie Irving took Grandma to town to do some shopping and they came back in time to fix dinner and then go to the Pocahontas meeting, where they were making plans for the upcoming district meeting. This meant that Grandma was busy baking all day long the following day so there would be plenty of goodies to bring to the meeting the next day. All this according to my Grandma Elsie Everest's diaries.


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