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Trump is battling our current problems


To The Eagle:

Well okay, one last shot at putting J.B. out of his misery (Bouchard letter in last week's Eagle) before we head off to the Irish wolfhound national show in N.Y. First of all, no one blamed Obama for the financial meltdown. That one gets pinned squarely on Clinton (that other Clinton; the priapic one) who put new teeth in the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (CRA) coercing banks to provide mortgages to unqualified borrowers. To protect themselves, these banks created byzantine financial instruments that set up the house of cards that led to the collapse. The CRA itself was a product of the Jimmy Carter administration, so the whole episode can be classified as left liberal malfeasance.

The wave of neo-facism J.B. laments on our college campuses is also a left liberal phenomenon wherein the academic community has created "safe spaces" where students can hide from new ideas, set up speech codes to limit free speech and promote liberal shibboleths, instituted "trigger warnings" to protect their delicate sensibilities from the strain of actually having to think, and distorted due process to allow female students with "morning after" second thoughts to wreck the lives of their hapless suitors. And, going back to the seventies, it has been the left-lib crowd that has demonized nuclear power, hampered drilling and distribution of petroleum, vastly exaggerated global warming, and bent the green movement into a misguided and often destructive cult.

All this (letter writing) started as a rant about Donald Trump, who is a populist. Our first populist president, Andrew Jackson, battled with central banks and transported and incarcerated Indians. Although his actions are pretty much disapproved of now, he did solve the problems of his time: got the economy under control and stopped the slaughter of the settlers. Trump, in his ham-fisted way, is battling our current problems, most of which have their origins in the politically-correct-left-liberal-progressive movement, and Mr. Bouchard happily bills himself as a liberal.

Final advice: "Ask not for whom the bell tolls . . ."

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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