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Prevention of underage drinking is important


To The Eagle:

In a recent local survey conducted through Wahkiakum Community Network, statistics indicated that 51 percent of people surveyed believe police don’t enforce underage drinking.” This mentality causes a great concern for two reasons. First, this opens the door to a perception that the illegal and unhealthy choice of underage drinking is permissible. Secondly, it is a false reality of how our local law enforcement addresses the matter of underage drinking.

There was a recent situation in our county where numerous youth were cited with “Minor in Possession” (MIP). The compassion, diligence, and thoroughness of Patrol Sergeant Mark Hake and our local law enforcement in handling this situation were commendable. Addressing and preventing underage drinking is not only the responsibility of our law enforcement officers, but it requires a collective effort from our community as a united whole. Therefore, households, schools, community leaders, law enforcement, and the youth themselves all play a role in creating a safe and healthy environment where underage drinking is not an expected norm.

As members of the Wahkiakum Community Network, we don’t see youth of Wahkiakum as only our future, because they are also our present. Since our youth have present significance they need present guidance. Part of guiding youth is to equip them to make wise choices and offer productive correction when poor choices are made. Thanks to everyone in our local law enforcement who were involved with the resolution of our local underage drinking situation. Hopefully, this serves as a compassionate reminder to our youth that this community cares not only about their future well-being but also their present well-being.

Learn more about keeping our county safe and drug free. Attend the next Wahkiakum Community network meeting on the first Wednesday of the month 5-6:30 p.m., at the Community Center, 101 Main Street, Cathlamet, WA 98612. (no meeting in July).

Ginger Hake

The Wahkiakum Community Network


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